Top 8 Captions - Help select winner in 4th Nursing Caption Contest

  1. thanks to everyone who participated! we read over 100 captions for our 4th nursing caption contest and came up with a top 8 list. please select the best choice from the poll below...

    the winning caption will be awarded $100!

    all captions can be found at 4th nursing caption contest - win $100

    please share this with friends and post your comments below!

    want more nursing cartoons?


    ...drumroll please....

    and the winner is murse520 for their "i thought she wanted to be scheduled on christmas" caption

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  2. Poll: Select the best caption for the cartoon above...

    • Sorry for calling you up from your planned leave.

      18.44% 26
    • I hope he doesn't want me to help him... because my shift was over five minutes ago!

      12.77% 18
    • Nurse packs a punch! She must work on the trauma unit.

      6.38% 9
    • I knew playing dead on the side walk was a bad idea... but stealing that kiss was totally worth it.

      12.06% 17
    • Gee...I was just kidding when I said you look like nurse Nurse Ratched in ONE FLEW OVER THE CUKOO's NEST.

      4.96% 7
    • I thought she wanted to be scheduled on Christmas.

      24.82% 35
    • All I asked her was "How did your anger management class go?"

      7.09% 10
    • "Okay you're right, nurses are NOT overpaid!"

      13.48% 19
    141 Votes
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