Top 10 - You Decide Who Wins 4th Quarter Article Contest

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    Four Writers Will Win A Total Cash Value of $600!

    Select your favorite articles from the list below ... Yes, you may select more than 1 article.

    The 4 articles with the most votes will each win $150!!!

    Thanks to all our writers. This has been a very successful quarter!

    Visit 2012 Article Contest 4th Quarter for the contest rules

    Direct links to articles for your enjoyment:


    The article contest poll winners are...

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  3. Poll: Help select the winners for this article contest...

    • Deep In The Dark

      25.40% 16
    • Special Thank You to Teachers Everywhere

      9.52% 6
    • The Nursing Niche

      6.35% 4
    • Saying I'm Sorry

      31.75% 20
    • A Tale of Innovative Nursing: Making It All a Little Less Scary

      20.63% 13
    • My NCLEX story.

      14.29% 9
    • The Boy at the Bottom of the Stairs

      22.22% 14
    • You Don't Belong Here (a nursing ghost story)

      23.81% 15
    • A mentor who made a difference for me

      4.76% 3
    • My Most Humbling Nursing Experience

      15.87% 10
    63 Votes / Multiple Choice
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    They are all amazing this is such a hard decision! Great job everyone!
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    AWESOME! congratulations you are all winners to me.

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