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    and the winner is timmedico ... the cartoon may be viewed at Empty the foley the said...
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  2. Poll: Select the best caption for the cartoon above..

    • Nothing says 'Happy Nurses Week' like a few close calls with bodily fluids.

      9.21% 28
    • FASTER!!!!!! Faster!!!!!! Or you'll be swimming for it!!!!

      5.26% 16
    • A portrait of a new grad's first experience with C-diff.

      7.89% 24
    • Empty the Foley they said, it'll be easy they said!

      32.89% 100
    • Watch out! Urine over your head!

      15.79% 48
    • This is what happens when all the C. diff patients are put on the same side of the hall...

      9.54% 29
    • When the nurses run away, you know it's bad!

      17.43% 53
    • You never, EVER, say the "Q" word.

      8.22% 25
    304 Votes / Multiple Choice
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  4. by   eyesopen_mouthshut
    As someone who was always on the "c-diff floor", the c-diff caption really hit home. LOL it was my first thought!