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Changes at Central...

  1. 2 Some may have noticed a few changes at (aka Central)...

    Central is available for all nurses and their friends to discuss non-nursing subjects such as health care, parenting, vacations, entertainment, and much more in a safe environment.

    For members, there's no need to register at Central. Your login information can be used at both sites.

    For our current Central visitors, you should be aware that we removed the following sections:

    The following forums were moved:

    • Finance - can now be found under Family Central
    • Broadway & Performance - can now be found under Family Central
    • Books - can now be found under Family Central
    • Poetry - can now be found under Family Central
    • Auto - can now be found under Community Central
    • Vacations - can now be found under Community Central
    • US Politics - can now be found under US Politics (new tab)
    • Entertainment Central - can now be found under Recreation (new tab)

    First Article Contest!!

    We are running our first article contest at (aka Central). More details will be released in the next few days.

    You can expect that it will be called "Write About Anything - a Non-Nursing Article Contest". In other words, you, your friends, or family can write about anything - your funniest moment, a how-to article, the greatest moment in your life, politics, finance ... anything. As long as the tone and article content complies with our TOS, there will be no restrictions.

    To increase the likelihood of your household winning, ask your family and friends to start submitting articles today.

    Start submitting your articles today at Central...
    Submit General Article
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