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  1. by   gypsynurse
    "You know, .... You're going to need immodium, or a foley !"
  2. by   gypsynurse
    "I know..... I fell asleep while charting once too !"
  3. by   gypsynurse
    "So, Bill, ...... your pjs, slippers and tv are calling you.... but your not finished till 11 right ? "
  4. by   MbalcazarRN
    you look like you need some of the GOOD STUFF !
  5. by   Sony1214
    hahaah this is my favorite one so far.
  6. by   Newstudenthere
    Nice try! My shift is over!
  7. by   twinkletoes53
    Hey friend, where's MY cup of coffee? Did you forget to get me one, too?
  8. by   Peterjoy93
    Please tell me that's not a urine sample!
  9. by   lizarcala04
    ..."This will last me for 18 hours without break time later.." =D
  10. by   Hal_Dol
    Sleep? Once I get home I fill the cup with rum and coke.
  11. by   Joe V
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