Article Contest - Anything Nursing Related

  1. the last several article contest have had specific themes. many of you have asked if we could have a general nursing theme again, so everyone can share their stories. we listened, and here it is.

    any nursing related articles

    we are looking for any nursing related articles.

    just a few ideas to get you thinking...

    • share their expertise and knowledge, your experiences, maybe a story that helped you,
    • funny nursing experiences
    • nursing school related stories
    • educator experiences
    • nursing tips that you have found helpful
    • articles can be funny, serious, helpful, tutorials, tips, more clinical, patient experiences, stories, just as long as they are relevant to nursing.

    we welcome all members to share articles. these articles can be written casually if desired, or more formal style if you wish. many times, the more casual, real nursing stories that can impact and help other nurses out in their daily life are just as, if not more powerful.

    don't be shy, share your nursing experiences.

    here are the contest details:
    we are looking for nurses wanting to share their expertise, experience, and knowledge with other nurses. any member can be an author, students, staff, regular members, previous winners are eligible as well. articles can be written more casually if desired, or more formal style. you may submit as many articles as you want.

    • must have a minimum of 500 words
    • the articles must be on the following topic: "anything nursing related"
    • only articles submitted after mar 11th 2008 and before april 30th 2009 at 11:59 pm est will be considered for this contest.
    • your article must be written in your own plagiarism.
    • all articles will be reviewed by staff for consideration before displayed publicly.

    best rated articles
    1st prize $300
    2nd prize $150
    3rd prize $100

    all winners will automatically upgraded to platinum membership for 12 months. (a $60 value)


    • write nursing stories that are from the heart, share your nursing related experiences that might be helpful to other nurses or future nurses.
    • read through existing articles to trigger some ideas
    • submit your articles early, so there is more time to have the membership vote on your articles.

    visit our article section by clicking the articles tab or visit:

    nursing articles
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