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9th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100 - page 2

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    It seems like everyone wants to come in here after we have our unit meetings. Yeah, I'm next in line.
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    We told them this is a way to relieve stress. Unfortunately, this is the 4th punching bag we've purchased this week. They keep mumbling about some on-call doctor...
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    Since she started visualizing that the bag is full of call lights and beeping IV pumps, she has really progressed in her workout program.
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    "I wonder which doctor she is think about about?
    Uhhhhhh....... I don't think you wanna know"
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    The clinical instructor explains to the student the importance of stress relief with this visual aid.
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    "maybe we shouldn't have assigned her all the patients that call every 5 minutes"
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    She's warming up for a prior auth.
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    "Ummm...cross training? What do you think?"
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    "It was either this or disconnect all the call bells."
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    Geez...I hope she Caviwiped the bag first.
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    I heard rumors that Jane was getting a little punchy lately, but I had no idea this is what they meant.
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    This is how we train for LTC...
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    The NCLEX will be no match for her!