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New Caption Contest - All you have to do is create a winning caption. Is that Robin The Boy Wonder as a nurse?? You decide. You may submit as many captions as you wish. You have 1 week to... Read More

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    this? it's just a costume to make you feel at ease! but...i really am a nurse....
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    today is the last day - we will be selecting our Top 8 (poll) tomorrow

    if you haven't done so - add your caption today!
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    "So let me get this straight.. You jumped on the field and told everyone who you were, and then you got hit with a baseball?"


    "I put on my nurse disguise to try and break you out, but they locked the door behind me when I came in.. Too many heroic costumes at once a give away?"


    "You thought you could take on ten bank robbers at once with no super powers? Well, I don't think the ones who can still walk can see you through that privacy curtain."


    "Hi Mr. Man, I'm nurse Rob welcome to the Normal Hospital for Ordinary People... Hah haha, syke! I'm just kidding. You're totally in a hospital for super heroes. Let's get started on your billiona*ahem* bill."
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    Hello my name is Robin and I'll be your nurse.
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    I'm sorry sir but you'll have to change into a gown.

    This is what happens when you lay off your side kick. Don't worry, the procedure won't hurt at all...

    This is not a fantasy I'm willing to indulge, honey. Playing nurse was enough.
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    Holy Kleenex, Batman! It was right under our nose and we blew it!
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    UPDATE: We have chosen the top 8 caption.

    Vote for your favorite - Top 8 Captions - Help select winner in 8th Nursing Caption Contest
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    "Oooo...someone must have had an enema"
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    and the winner is mads1mom ... the cartoon may be viewed at Everyone wants to be a nurse...

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    Yes, sir... Uh, I believe a baritonellosis is another term for Cat Scratch Fever which is clearly evident on your chest and swollen lymph nodes...