8th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100 - page 4

New Caption Contest - All you have to do is create a winning caption. Is that Robin The Boy Wonder as a nurse?? You decide. You may submit as many captions as you wish. You have 1 week to achieve your objective. ... Read More

  1. 1
    Tell me the truth, does this costume make my thighs look fat?
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  2. 3
    This is kind of awkward....I am giving my two weeks notice. I just got accepted to nursing school and now I am going to learn how to be a real hero.
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  3. 2
    It's just a little needle Batman and if you are good you can have a lollipop
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  4. 4
    Ok, I've changed into Robin's costume. NOW will you let me complete your assessment?
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  5. 0
    I'm sorry you came all the way here, but the BM signal was for a Code Brown, not Batman.
  6. 0
    Every year someone pulls a prank at our Halloween office party. I wonder who would spike the punch with GoLitely?
  7. 0
    I assure you Batman, it is not a garden hose. It is a cathter.
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  8. 0
    Batman to Robin "a catheter?" Robin "yes, a Texas Catheter." Batman, "a Texas Catheter?" Robin "yes, you know everything in/from Texas is bigger"
  9. 1
    'Holy fever, Batman! We are going to need a rectal temp!'
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  10. 0
    Batman, you said you had to PEE!!
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