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New Caption Contest - All you have to do is create a winning caption. Is that Robin The Boy Wonder as a nurse?? You decide. You may submit as many captions as you wish. You have 1 week to... Read More

  1. by   PennyFalkner
    Batman, you said you had to PEE!!
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  2. by   joy10
    "I just couldn't follow in your shadow anymore BATMAN, i had to find a new career that is as challenging as what we used to do ...never would have thought we would meet again like this. I guess when they say, You can see everything come through the ER, that is the TRUTH."
  3. by   txgirl7788
    "I don't think you'll be just as successful getting Nurse Lisa to dress up as Catwoman."
  4. by   mariebailey
    I think it's time to dust off my nursing care plan for "risk-prone health behavior".
  5. by   shawbit
    HOLY GERBILS BATMAN! Did you tell the ER nurse the real story? Captain Gordon is going to be miffed!
  6. by   Delilah Coolness
    Robin: Superman said stop playing the part.
  7. by   Delilah Coolness
    Robin: I locked myself out of the batcave, where do you keep the spare key at?
  8. by   sillyelsa
    Batman, your nurse was just here while you were dozing but had to leave. She told me to tell you that she'd be back after medicating her 8-patient block, receiving an admission from the ER, suctioning a patient's trach tube, starting a transfusion of packed red blood cells to another patient, completing discharge teaching to her post-op patient from yesterday and attending a short staff meeting. So, it'll be 15 minutes or so if you don't mind the wait.
  9. by   RN4L
    My wife always makes fun of me for wearing these scrubs! Batman, you like them don't you?
  10. by   RN4L
    It's ok Batman, a lot of superheros suffer from constipation.....
  11. by   RN4L
    Hey if you end up dieing, can I have your bat-mobile?
  12. by   mads1mom
    Ok, ok...yes, I have been moonlighting. I just wanted a more rewarding career.
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  13. by   mads1mom
    I am sorry. Your doctor said one rectal exam was enough
    and she has no interest in "exploring your bat cave".
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