6th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100 - page 5

Another hard one ... Let's see what you can come up with. Write the winning caption to this cartoon and win $100. Caption Contest Rules To qualify for the prize money and fame, your ... Read More

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    I know they said nursing school would be like being on Mars... But I didn't think they were THIS serious!
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    When you stand for what is right, you won't stand alone!
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    I told my recruiter I wanted a travel nurse assignment far from home, but I never expected THIS far away!
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    thats some arm that nurse has
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    Wow! Nurses were here.... guess there here, there, and everywhere.
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    It's true... Nurses rule the world!
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    "Do you think we will become giants if we stick around here?"
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    Nurse 1: "You grab the bell and I will hold the ear pieces." Nurse 2: "How come I always have to carry the bell?"
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    "When they say it feels like a full-moon night, they weren't
    kidding! No wonder they tossed their stethoscope up here!"
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    we are the coolest microbes around! So, how do I look in my suit?
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    I think we took a wrong turn....
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    Let's phone home..?
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    I think I need to re-evaluate my "calling"

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