4th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100 - page 11

This will be our 4th Caption Contest. Similar to prior Caption Contests the winner will get $100. Good afternoon nurses your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves coming up with a caption to this About A Nurse... Read More

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    (guy on ground) "I think she may have Tourette's of the arm! That, and her trigger is when somebody uses the words, 'mandatory overtime'!"
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    Nurse: "That stain on my pants is from my patient ripping out his IV, so NO, this had NOTHING TO DO WITH PMS!" (Nurse thinking: Sticking it to the man! Wow that felt good!)
  3. 3
    Guy standing: Well, I'm betting those weren't the digits you were hoping for, were they?!
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    (guy standing) Well it wasn't the get-to-know-ya conversation, but look of the bright side -- you know she's right handed!
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    But...my name really is Dr Dick, I'm new in town and I really am going to work with you!
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    sha boing BOING!
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    Oh you're a nurse? Could you take a look at this growth I have?
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    Just because they're called "scrubs" doesn't mean I would allow you to scrub them.
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    We have chosen our Top 8 captions. Poll now available...
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    Why on earth did you have to tell her that I invented the call bell?
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