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2013 Summer Article Contest

  1. 6 The 2013 Summer article contest has begun. The top 4 articles will each win $150.

    Please submit your nursing related articles. Articles can encompass daily work, past experience, education, study tips, technology, etc.

    Articles must be submitted between July 1st - Sept 30th.

    allnurses.com is available for nurses by nurses. It is a place where you can learn, communicate, and network with more than 706,000 nurses. You can learn more about nursing as a career, find tips on networking with fellow colleagues, read personal stories, and/or discuss day-to-day nursing activity.

    4 winners will be chosen with a total cash value of $600! Each winner will be rewarded $150.

    You will help select the winners - a Top 10 poll will be available at the end of the quarter. A week later we will announce the 4 winners.

    Contest Rules:

    • Article tone and content must comply with our contest rules and Terms of Service.
    • Articles must have a minimum of 500 words.
    • Articles must be submitted between July 1st - Sept 30th.
    • No plagiarism - your article must be written in your own words.
    • Articles will be reviewed and approved by staff for consideration before displaying publicly.
    • Articles must be unique, articles should not be listed on other websites, blogs, article sites etc.
    • You grant permission to allnurses.com rights to publish in magazines, books, etc. You will be notified and credited if published.
    • Keep personal formatting choices such font choice and size to a minimum - use only for headings.

    Only articles submitted in the following sections will be considered for this contest:

    Note: You may submit multiple articles.

    How to Submit an Article

    Good luck to everyone! We are looking forward to reading all your articles!


    Help us select the top 4 articles...
    Top 10 - 2013 Summer Article Contest


    The article contest poll winners are...

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    Hello Joe. May I ask who are the winners of the recently concluded article contest?
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    Is there still time? I really want to enter this contest.
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    There is still plenty of time to enter the summer Article Contest. The contest is open until September 30th.
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    I think i may just enter:-)
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    I entered! I am Canadian though so i am not sure if i am eligible. Article link is found on my profile if you guys want to read
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    We've had some great articles so far this quarter. Many new writers are participating - Thank you!

    It's never to late to participate in our Article Contest. You still have another 4 weeks to submit your article.