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  1. 0 Hi everyone, I realize that this board doesn't get the same amount of traffic as some of the other states, but I was hoping that someone might take a peak and be able to respond.

    I am looking for information about the RN-BSN program. It is my understanding that it is done online and I was wondering if you found it difficult and by difficult I don't just mean the work, I mean were classes easily accessible, information for assignments easy to understand and find, was it difficult to get help if you needed it?

    Was there a lot of paper writing, group work, etc? Also, how were the clinicals? Any other suggestions that might help? I will be taking stats over the summer online and I am not really sure but I think I may still need one more chem class (ugh!) because I got my original license out of state.

    Thanks for any help or information you can share.
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    Hi! Just read this post today. Did you attend UAA RN-BSN program? I just applied to it!
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    Actually, not doing their program anymore. I got hardly any help from the school of nursing. Plus not all the classes can be taken online through UA and that was not going to work with my work/family schedule. Also they had too many prereqs and it was going to be more expensive in the end than other schools, even with in-state tuition. Wasn't working for me.