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Has anyone out there done the UAA nursing program with the Fairbanks extension? I have been looking into the program, and would love to hear any first hand stories about your experience. I've been... Read More

  1. by   meg816
    I think you have an excellent chance of getting in! They don't start going through applications until the end of summer semester because they count summer courses into their consideration, so you should get an extra point for your CNA if you put that on your application. And they don't start sending out acceptance/denial letters until September or October. Good luck and let us know what happens!
  2. by   lellenn
    Actually we don't count Summer classes anymore unless you have it finished by July 1st. So don't count on that, that's been changed for about the past year or so.

    And for the person who posted their PAX score and GPA, that does sound pretty good to me, but it's no guarantee. You may still end up on the alternate list, but I don't think you would be too far down - maybe like the first 10 to 20 alternates or so? But I don't know, none of us will until they start going through all those files. It's just a waiting game!
  3. by   forevertwo
    Are there so many alternates because a lot of people who are accepted actually do not go the year that they are accepted? I am just wondering what the benefit of being in the top ten to twenty on the alternate list is? I am guessing this means that if you are on the alternate list you need to attend classroom training as long as you can in order to slide into a spot if it comes available?
  4. by   meg816
    I was 4th on the alternate list and it just means that if someone who was accepted can't go then they start going down the alternate list in order and accept people on that list. The year I got accepted 6 alternates got into the program because so many people couldn't accept their spot. If you don't get in by the time classes start you have to wait till the next year. We did have two LPN"s come into the program at the beginning of the 2nd semester because 2 people dropped out, but it was only because they were LPN's that they were able to come in late. I know it changes year to year, but my score on the NET test and GPA weren't nearly as good as yours and I still got in a really good alternate spot. And if you don't get in, just take classes towards your BSN so you don't feel like you are just wasting time while waiting to get into the program.
  5. by   forevertwo
    When do they start sending out acceptance and denial letters? Will this happen in September/October or in August? I have heard a few different things. Does anyone know? Thanks!
  6. by   LStevenson536
    I feel your pain. The wait time is very frustrating. As of today I haven't heard or received a letter on the ranking to start the next Fairbanks class in Jan-2011. The mailman thinks I'm stalking him!! I'm taking the CNA class right now and will work as a CNA until I get a spot. I've been told that is a wise thing to do while you're waiting as it will help acclimate you to that first NURS class. So all we can do is cross our fingers, be patient (not exactly my strongest suit ), and work HARD. Keep your grades HIGH and really prep for that PAX - get the book and do ALL the practice tests. It will pay off in the long run. Best of luck to everyone.
  7. by   forevertwo
    Okay, the letters have been sent. I am on the alt list. Rather high on the alt list so I am feeling hopeful. Have there been years where everyone took their slot? Or does an alt or two usually get in every year? Obviously if the answer is yes it still doesn't mean anything. But, it will make me more hopeful.
  8. by   ernk04
    I am moving to Fairbanks in the next few weeks. I just finished my LPN program in Texas. I cannot find an LPN to RN transition program in Fairbanks so it seems that I would have to start from the beginning. Someone I talked with told me that I would get extra points for work experience and being an LPN. I have finished all of the required prerequisites for the RN program. I made excellent grades in my nursing program (all As and one B), but the problem is I didn't do so great in all of my prerequisites (some Cs and a few Bs) as I took a few of them while ago when I wasn't taking my studies all that seriously. This results in my GPA being 2.7 in those course as I do not believe that you will include my LPN nursing classes. What about my Fundamentals in Nursing Class? Can I transfer that. Many RN programs will. Or do I have to take it again? I'm not familiar with the NET test, but The RN programs in Texas require the HESI for admission into the RN programs so it may be similar. We were required to take this in my LPN program before the NCLEX. I received an award at graduation for scoring the highest in my class (in the 90 percentile). I tend to test well.
    If this is any indication of how I will do on the NET test plus the other requirements that I meet. Do I still have a fair chance? I'm worried b/c I fear that my only option is Excelsior! This is not looking so good! This leads me to a final question. Does UAF ever allow Excelsior students in the area to use their nursing labs to practice, if they pay some kind of nursing fee? Is there away for me to utilize this or other resources with being in the program? Thanks a bunch!!!
  9. by   rachel11
    I'm not sure about everything that you asked, but I know you can contact the nursing department and find out. From everything that I've read, it seems that there isn't a huge need for nurses here. You said that you finished your prerequisites, which is good. If you can study and do well on the pax rn you might be able to get into the program. You might be able to get 2 extra points, 1 for work experience and 1 for being an lpn. I think in order to get hired as an lpn here in the state of Alaska you have to have an alaska license. I guess you would have to apply for that. I'm really not sure about it though. But if you try to get a job at the hospital on post you just have to have a current lpn license. They don't hire very often, but they do hire lpns. You just have to go to ACPOL/CPOL Homepage: Army Civilian Personnel On-Line to look up jobs for nursing at ft wainwright. We moved here in August and I'm trying to get into the nursing program too. Good luck!
  10. by   rachel11
    Sorry, I did not mean nurses, I meant lpns. There is a huge need in the state of alaska for rns!