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Has anyone out there done the UAA nursing program with the Fairbanks extension? I have been looking into the program, and would love to hear any first hand stories about your experience. I've been thinking about nursing school,... Read More

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    I happen to be graduating with akkat. This is an amazing program and if you truly have a passion for nursing, you will get so much out it. It is super intense and the distance part can be challenging, but not nearly as bad as I originally thought it would be. They tell you upfront you are responsible for your learning. Instructors are not going to read the material and do the assignments for you. They are there to facilitate your learning. This is a program for adults and I suspects most programs have this expectation from students. The first year instructors are super amazing. They are current ICU nurses and have a passion for nursing as well as teaching nursing. They know there stuff and challenge your thinking as well as demand excellence in nursing in a respectful,nurturing, motherly hen sort of way. I could not have asked for a better foundation for the rest of my career. And let this first year keep your head straight for the hell of a second year. This program is very competetive and the amount of pre requs you have done and the score of the NET (nurse entrance test) will mostly determine whether or not you get in. I graduate next week and I know this program was high quality and prepared me to go be a new grad which is when I really learn how to be a nurse (so I hear). Good luck, the end prize is so worth it.
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    I work for the School of Nursing so let me say a few things - 1. Our number is 786-4550, not the other one that is posted. 2. Yes it is VERY competitive to get in to the program, the last ranking had about 3 students for every opening there in Fairbanks. It is based on your overall point total, and unless your GPA is high, your score on the PAX-RN is high (the PAX-RN is the new entrance test, they don't use the NET anymore) and unless you have completed all those core classes (biology, english, communications, lifespan, etc ) your chances of getting in are NOT good. I don't want to discourage anyone, but we get a lot of calls at the office from people saying "oh I'll just start out with the associate's degree for now", like that will be the easiest route to be an RN. Let me be very frank, that's not necessarily so. The work is just as hard, and it's harder to get in there than the Bachelor's program. I think people are put off by the wait for the Bachelor's program, but honestly, if your grades aren't as high, I'd try for that one vs the Bachelors. Yes you do have to maintain the GPA of 2.7 in the pre-reqs, and you can't repeat classes a bunch of times to get a good grade (you can only repeat 1 time to get that C or higher), but at least you're in.

    Honestly though, the nursing profession is one that is very intolerant of mistakes. I mean, you literally have people's lives in your hands, so you really really don't want to be shaky in anything before going on.

    Also, the information we put out on our website and on our info sheets is very serious when we say to get started on the process 6 months ahead of the deadline. ESPECIALLY if you are out of state and looking to transfer. Here's why. 1 - if you apply to UAA and submit transcripts, they will NOT evaulate ANY OF THEM for transfer credit until ALL of your classes are done at your current school and you are not enrolled in anything current or future. 2. You have to be FULLY admitted and have transfer credit evaluations done before you can apply. That's how they determine if you met the pre-reqs or not. 3. If any classes need to be petitioned/challenged, etc. you have to allow time for that. That can actually take several weeks to even a couple months. NO JOKE. So that now takes you up through 2-3 months easy right there. Then you can begin to gather the recommendations and take your PAX test and apply.

    Also, it's a good idea to apply to UAA WELL IN ADVANCE of the semester you want to begin. That way, when registration opens up, you can actually get into the classes you need. We get SO MANY people calling the day classes start or a few days before who just apparently woke up that morning and said "i want to go to college and I want to go now!" Sorry folks, it ain't happening. The classes are all full and have been for months. Try again later.

    Thanks for listening!!

    PS can you tell I get a tad frustrated sometimes??? But if I help someone out with this then it will be all worth it!
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    Thank you for posting all of that information. I am wondering if you know what the chances are of getting into the UAA program through the UAF if a student scores a 90 on the PAX-RN, has a 3.0, and has completed all co-requisites. I have also completed the CNA course, but I will not have my license until after I take the board exam on July 13th. I am afraid that although my GPA and PAX-RN are decent, that I will miss it by a point. I have already done everything, but know I will not find out for sure until August. Thank you for your time!
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    I think you have an excellent chance of getting in! They don't start going through applications until the end of summer semester because they count summer courses into their consideration, so you should get an extra point for your CNA if you put that on your application. And they don't start sending out acceptance/denial letters until September or October. Good luck and let us know what happens!
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    Actually we don't count Summer classes anymore unless you have it finished by July 1st. So don't count on that, that's been changed for about the past year or so.

    And for the person who posted their PAX score and GPA, that does sound pretty good to me, but it's no guarantee. You may still end up on the alternate list, but I don't think you would be too far down - maybe like the first 10 to 20 alternates or so? But I don't know, none of us will until they start going through all those files. It's just a waiting game!
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    Are there so many alternates because a lot of people who are accepted actually do not go the year that they are accepted? I am just wondering what the benefit of being in the top ten to twenty on the alternate list is? I am guessing this means that if you are on the alternate list you need to attend classroom training as long as you can in order to slide into a spot if it comes available?
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    I was 4th on the alternate list and it just means that if someone who was accepted can't go then they start going down the alternate list in order and accept people on that list. The year I got accepted 6 alternates got into the program because so many people couldn't accept their spot. If you don't get in by the time classes start you have to wait till the next year. We did have two LPN"s come into the program at the beginning of the 2nd semester because 2 people dropped out, but it was only because they were LPN's that they were able to come in late. I know it changes year to year, but my score on the NET test and GPA weren't nearly as good as yours and I still got in a really good alternate spot. And if you don't get in, just take classes towards your BSN so you don't feel like you are just wasting time while waiting to get into the program.
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    When do they start sending out acceptance and denial letters? Will this happen in September/October or in August? I have heard a few different things. Does anyone know? Thanks!
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    I feel your pain. The wait time is very frustrating. As of today I haven't heard or received a letter on the ranking to start the next Fairbanks class in Jan-2011. The mailman thinks I'm stalking him!! I'm taking the CNA class right now and will work as a CNA until I get a spot. I've been told that is a wise thing to do while you're waiting as it will help acclimate you to that first NURS class. So all we can do is cross our fingers, be patient (not exactly my strongest suit ), and work HARD. Keep your grades HIGH and really prep for that PAX - get the book and do ALL the practice tests. It will pay off in the long run. Best of luck to everyone.
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    Okay, the letters have been sent. I am on the alt list. Rather high on the alt list so I am feeling hopeful. Have there been years where everyone took their slot? Or does an alt or two usually get in every year? Obviously if the answer is yes it still doesn't mean anything. But, it will make me more hopeful.

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