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Travel Nursing In Alaska

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    Just wanted to ask a few ?s. I will be traveling/ working next year after my daughters wedding. My goal is to get to Alaska. What a beautiful place. Anyone out there with a few ideas? I don't care to go to a remote area or the larger areas just anywhere in Alaska. Thanks in advance
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    Come to Sitka! I see you have ICU and ER experience! There is an IHS hospital here SEARHC...Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium-Mt Edgecombe...we are a small community with snow capped mountains on an island in Southeast Alaska. It is beautiful here!!!
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    I've looked at Sitka on the Web and there is so many beautiful things I'd like to see there. I'll keep Sitka on my short list that's for sure. My daughter is getting married next year ( waiting on a date ) then my plan is to hit the road. When I get to Alaska I'll give ya a shout. Until then tell me more about beautiful Sitka.
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    What about LPN positions? Are they hard to find? Pay scale?

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    Alaska sounds beautiful. I have been traveling again recently and dreamed last night that I went to Alaska. I think that will definitely be on my list.

    My specialty is Med/Surg.
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    I just posted a question in the Travel forum about Alaska. I'm starting traveling next summer with my wife and 6 year old. We would love to travel and take an assignment to Alaska.

    Anyone know of specific hospitals that certainly take travelers?
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    Anybody know anything about nursing in Klawock, Alaska or Metlakatla?