Soon to be an LVN grad from CA and life is moving me your direction...

  1. My husband is moving to AK on tuesday to work as an electrician in a 'camp' setting, in 6 months I plan to follow. My problem is I don't know much about AK other than it is beautiful. Where is your reccomendations on the best place to live? I have a passion to work with the elderly in convelescent type setting, however, being a new grad I will be very poor! I will be without my husband for weeks at a time and would like to live somewhere near my job and have something to do in my off time. Also has anyone else out there done this before? I am nervous and excited all at the same time!!
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    One hundred one views and not one reply? I posted this about 3 months ago. Its comming down to the wire, my husband LOVES living in Alaska, He's in Delta Junction currently but wants to move to Juneau or Ketchikan. I graduate in less than 2 weeks and after I take the NCLEX I am going to go to AK and take it again. I am nervous but I need to be able to find work there. If ANYONE knows anything at all aboout LVN/LPN's as new grads working in AK please let me know. My heart lies in Geriatrics but will work anywhere I can.:spin:
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    Okay - I'll give it a shot. First, Alaska is as large as the western third of the rest of the country, so summarizing the whole state would take a book. Anchorage is the main city, about 250,000 people. It resembles most small cities in the lower 48 as far as schools, entertainment, shopping. There are three hospitals in town. Providence Hospital has an extended care facility that has frequent openings. There is a state-owned assisted living facility, the Alaska Pioneers' Home, that is usually looking for nurses. (Its a very nice place.) There is another (brand new) hospital and another Pioneer Home in Palmer, a small town 40 miles north of Anchorage. Housing is alittle less expensive in the small towns north of Anchorage - Eagle River, Palmer, Wasilla. Juneau and Ketchikan are down on what Alaskans call Southeast or the Panhandle, which is like another state. Juneau is primarily a government town, the state capital. Ketchikan has traditionally been a lumber town. Juneau and Ketchikan are more similar to coastal towns in Washington or Oregon, weather-wise (rains ALOT). Juneau has more of a small city feel. Ketchikan more like a small town. Note there are no roads out of Juneau or Ketchikan - they are accessible only by air and water. I've only visited Juneau and Ketchikan and can't speak to nursing opportunities there. If you are moving up and want to work in geriatrics, I'd recommend going to the Alaska Pioneers' Home website (on the state of Alaska site). I'd also call the nursing recruiters for the hospitals in the area you are interested in, just to see. Best of luck.
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    Hi Mikesgirl, I'm curious, did you move? How is it? What advice would you give someone else? I'm thinking of doing the same thing in June 06.