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Kodiak Island

  1. 0 hello,

    i am looking to talk to people about nursing on kodiak island. i would like to talk to people who have worked there to get a feeling for the place. any information would be appreciated and helpful.

    thank you!
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    Unfortunately, my information to you is not current. I relocated from Illinois to Kodiak in 1993. Since then alot has changed with Providence taking over the system. I found the cost of living to be very high. Alcohol (drunks passed out on the town square any hour of the day) and stabbings (fish canneries) were frequent. As a night charge nurse with ER altercations I felt like I might be marked by the agressors and no place to go on such a small island. Coming from sunny southern IL and going to a coastal area with alot of rain and no sunshine, I was not aware of the light deprivation problems (SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder - no medication needed- just felt "blue" alot) that I probably experienced. The DON really gave me inaccurate info as far as housing, etc. After 2 1/2 mos, my family and I relocated to Palmer, AK. We have been here since and really like it. However, I don't plan on retiring in AK due to the long winters. I will say the people on Kodiak was the friendliest I think I have ever met. When we arrived, we were immediately treated and welcomed as family. I think you would have to have that mentality to "survive" on an island. I can also say my husband and son (12) loved it as much as myself and daughter (14) hated it. I hope this helps.
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    I live on Kodiak. If you're still interested in the area - send me a PM.