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Hi! I hold an active RN license from New Mexico and is now processing for license endorsement to Alabama. My husband will be stationed in Montgomery, AL so we will have to move by October of this year. By saying that, I was... Read More

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    Im back guys. Our relocation is moving close! 2 more weeks... And Im getting really antsy. Does anyone here knows what the salary range for RNs in Montgomery area is? I have been to many RN job interviews and offers here in Tucson AZ (which I apparently turned down due to the upcoming move to AL) and I notice that they ask how much I was wanting as salary per hour. Since I know some RN people here I gave the range of what they were getting here. I dont know anyone from Alabama and searching for it in google gives me different answers. I had 3 years RN experience outside of the US and 1 year LPN experience in Canada. It will be very helpful if Alabama RNs can give me an idea of the salary range specificaly Montgomery if any one knows. It will be very helpful! Thank you very much!

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    Quote from Staff Nurse
    There are penlty of great jobs in AL for nurses. Shouldn"t be too difficult finding one, but if you have trouble let me know, I can get you some of my resources.
    where are all of these great jobs in Alabama. I just got my license and my entire class cant get a job in alabama.
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    Quote from robyn226
    I would defienetly check into Baptist Hospital in Montgomery. They have 2 branches...Baptist South and Baptist East. A guy I graduated with was just hired on at Baptist South in the ER last month. They were hiring plenty of new grads then so I don't why anyone with experience would have a problem! Good luck!!
    Hi! I am currently in Prattville and will start finding a RN job soon. I will be looking into Baptist Health. Where are you working? This is my first account by the way, I couldn't log in using iamlvp2. Hope to hear from you!

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