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Waiting to hear from CACC - page 5

has anyone recieved their acceptance letter? I have called and they told me the middle of July which makes no sense because classes start Aug 15! Why does it take so long? I am nervous and anxious!... Read More

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    I didn't get anything today. I still have the crud and feeling worse today...I am going to get a good nite rest and give it till Sat no later than Monday. I will keep you guys posted as well.
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    Anybody get a letter today? My mail doesn't run until late, but my friend sent me a text saying she didn't get hers in today's mail.

    Momof2Divas, I'm sorry you are so sick. I'm hoping you are better today!!
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    Friend just called she got in RN program!!!!!!Anybody else?
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    YEA!!!!!!!!!! So she got her letter or called?
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    I got in Rn program, just got my letter!!!!!! I am off to celebrate ! Yall let me know if you get your letters, I am praying for yall!
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    YEA!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats. Once my mail runs, hopefully I'll have good news too!
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    Hey ladies I got my letter I did not get in. The letter said I was eligible but due to the limited number of slots I didn't have the number of points. I am wondering if not taking classes at the school hurt my chances? I took all my pre-req at another school out of state. I am going to call the counselor tomm I might have to take the classes over to see if I can get an A because I got B's in all my pre-req. I am really bummed out if you guys have any suggestions let me know I was thinking about doing the BSN but that is even longer.....Need some advice I am so hurt right now. Congrats Texabama for making it in! I am sure you will do well! 4theTide keep the faith and your letter should be arriving soon! If you ladies still want to meet and celebrate I am still up for that! I feel like I have developed a bond with you! Keep me posted on things. Much love
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    Dear Momof2divas, I am so sorry!!!!!!! I really expected not to get in, really! So I was preparing myself for plan b. Im sure you are hurt, as I would be, and as anyone would be. Keep your head up, when one door closes a window opens. People have told me that before and I always wanted to hit them, but somehow all worked out for the better for me in some way. Would love to meet , just let me know when. We will celebrate your plan b!!!!!
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    Momof2Divas, I am sorry! i know you are bummed out. Keep you head up, though. Have you thought about applying at Jeff State? I hear they admit several times per year. My mail lady has her own hours apparently. She shows up when/if she feels like it My friend just called me and opened her letter on the phone with me. She wasn't admitted either. I felt like crying for her. I will let you know my news when it gets here. Yes, I would still like to meet up with y'all. Just let me know when. I feel like I 'know' y'all already as well.
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    does anybody know what the cut-off was??
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    I did not get accepted either... My eyes are set on next fall
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    Well, I didn't even get a letter, so I don't know what to think. EVERYBODY I know got their letter. Cadnac, sorry you didn't get it, but it sounds like you have a great attitude about it. I will let y'all know if it shows up tomorrow.
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    Oh boy... now I have a huge dilemma. I SO did not expect to get accepted into the program but I did! I got my letter today. The problem is that I am moving to a different town, I know no babysitters there, plus, I had already began plan B and that was to do the Troy eCampus. Now what do I do? Does anyone know how late in the day classes/clinicals will run? I'm so upset about this. I am so torn now because I want to be a nurse but now I want to do both programs. Words of wisdom, anyone? My main concern is afterschool care.