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has anyone recieved their acceptance letter? I have called and they told me the middle of July which makes no sense because classes start Aug 15! Why does it take so long? I am nervous and anxious!... Read More

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    Anyone hear anything today? Just checked mail and no letter, maybe tommorow

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    Well, my friend just called the office and she was told the letters were mailed today. There have been so many stories, who knows what's true? Some people in my class today swore they had friends who got their acceptance letters yesterday. Oh, well, maybe tomorrow. . .
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    I didn't get anything today. I still have the crud and feeling worse today...I am going to get a good nite rest and give it till Sat no later than Monday. I will keep you guys posted as well.
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    Anybody get a letter today? My mail doesn't run until late, but my friend sent me a text saying she didn't get hers in today's mail.

    Momof2Divas, I'm sorry you are so sick. I'm hoping you are better today!!
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    Friend just called she got in RN program!!!!!!Anybody else?
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    YEA!!!!!!!!!! So she got her letter or called?
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    I got in Rn program, just got my letter!!!!!! I am off to celebrate ! Yall let me know if you get your letters, I am praying for yall!
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    YEA!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats. Once my mail runs, hopefully I'll have good news too!
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    Hey ladies I got my letter I did not get in. The letter said I was eligible but due to the limited number of slots I didn't have the number of points. I am wondering if not taking classes at the school hurt my chances? I took all my pre-req at another school out of state. I am going to call the counselor tomm I might have to take the classes over to see if I can get an A because I got B's in all my pre-req. I am really bummed out if you guys have any suggestions let me know I was thinking about doing the BSN but that is even longer.....Need some advice I am so hurt right now. Congrats Texabama for making it in! I am sure you will do well! 4theTide keep the faith and your letter should be arriving soon! If you ladies still want to meet and celebrate I am still up for that! I feel like I have developed a bond with you! Keep me posted on things. Much love
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    Dear Momof2divas, I am so sorry!!!!!!! I really expected not to get in, really! So I was preparing myself for plan b. Im sure you are hurt, as I would be, and as anyone would be. Keep your head up, when one door closes a window opens. People have told me that before and I always wanted to hit them, but somehow all worked out for the better for me in some way. Would love to meet , just let me know when. We will celebrate your plan b!!!!!

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