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for anyone considering VC- here's the experience and information I have to share. 1. VC cost more but has SUBSTANTIALLY more hands on Clinical hours than any other Assoc degree program. VC Grads have 750 clinical hours..... Read More

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    It has been said for years, "If it's too good to be true, it probably is!" These so called colleges prey on those who may have had difficulty being accepted at a state college or University. Think before you spend your money!!! Ask yourself,"Why does Virginia College charge 50K for an associates degree while my local community college charges <10K for the same degree?? That should be your FIRST clue!! If you didn't get into your local community college program due to poor GPA or lack of prerequisites, then STRIVE FORWARD!!! Take the classes over and/or more electives to raise your GPA!! You might have to put a few bucks out of your wallet but in the long run, you will be far better off especially if you choose to make a career change later in life. Your general education from your state college and/or University system will transfer ANYWHERE!! Do your general ed there, and if necessary, go to these private "colleges" for your core degree courses only!!

    Remember what it takes to obtain national certifications! Nursing, for example, has only two national accreditation agencies in the US. Potential students should visit both agency web sites for information on the program being considered. The NLNAC will show the last two years of candidates and actions taken by the board. Most hospitals, and higher learning institutions will only honor your education if you obtained your degree from a program carrying the NLNAC or AACN certification. Although your individual state can give approval to any nursing school allowing you to sit for initial state license, don't expect to continue on with your education past an associates nor get hired at a magnet or teaching hospital!! DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!! FIND OUT WHAT YOUR EMPLOYERS OR POTENTIAL HIGHER DEGREE LEARNING INSTITUTIONS WILL ACCEPT BEFORE YOU SPEND YOUR LIFE SAVINGS!! Be a WISE consumer!!
    Best of luck to all of you!!

    National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission - NLNAC Homepage
    American Association of Colleges of Nursing | Home
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    VC chargers $50k for a 2 year degree! I paid $13k for my 2 year community college degree and got a great education.
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    So how did you like it?