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  1. Hello, I want a career in nursing I currently hold a BS and a Master degree my first choice is jeff state but the competition is tough I was wondering if VC's program easier to get in
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    Hello, I want a career in nursing I currently hold a BS and a Master degree my first choice is jeff state but the competition is tough I was wondering if VC's program easier to get in
    Yes. VC doesn't have a waiting list because it it costs so much more.

    Tuition is quarterly. $5500 each quarter, regardless of # of classes taken. Covers books, tuitition, shots, scrubs, background check, cpr, everything but the physical.

    The classes are small in size. Many of your classes you took, if at an accredited college, will be accepted. So you may be able to bump 2 or so quarters off the program if you can get it to less than 6 credits per semester. Certain Nursing courses are offered every other quarter so if you mess up, you will have to sit out a quarter to retake a nursing class.

    The nursing instructors are helpful.

    Because you have already been to school, Im assuming at an accredited college, your coursework will transfer to a RN-BSN Program.

    HOWEVER, any coursework you take there, such as biology, it wont transfer, and you would have to take it again if you decided to persue a BSN.

    The thing I went to VC to get was to be able to sit for my NCLEX and be a licensed RN. The RN LICENSE will transfer to any college in the state for a BSN mobility program, but any courses you took will not. Many people get confused when you call around and they immediately say you will not be able to go there if you graduated from VC. If you are a licensed RN, then they look at where your core classes were taken.. in my case, I took them at a community college. I had to make a LOT of calls to some VERY high up people in the nursing programs at the universities to get the straight answer. The pee ons that answer the inquiries just assume you took your core classes from VC so they misinform you.

    Also, remember that science courses are only transferrable for 5 years at most colleges.

    If you are a licensed RN in the state of Alabama, you can go into a mobility program at the bsn programs, you just have to make sure you took your core classes outside of VC.

    So what this means is people who are TIRED of trying to get into community college programs are going to start paying more just to get into a school like VC that offers night classes that arent on a wait list.

    WARNING... VC financial planning office is a MESS. So if you are doing loans, grants, or anything other than out of pocket, be VERY careful. I'd strongly advise against it. I saw so many people jacked up by the financial planning process because the rep was just putting in for stuff that they weren't eligible for. Student loans messed up, just a mess. They fired the director of financial planning. And once you have an issue with financial planning, getting it resolved is a major headache.

    If you are in Jefferson county, and low income, GO TO THE WIA office next to the Unemployment office. If you get accepted on their program, they will pay for it ALL.

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    Hi! I wonder how things are going to you. Did you get your BS? I am not sure yet but i am thinking to go to VC. They accepted my credits, and I can jump to the third quarter. I am from Massachusetts, and have all my pre req in a community college over there, and now I am applying to a nursing program in Florida. But my goal is to go for my BS. Do you think I will have a problem?
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    I know a lot of hospitals won't hire students from VC because they are so unprepared when they come out of school.

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