University of South Alabama Accelerated program for spring 2012

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    Has anyone applied to South Alabama's accelerated program to start Spring 2012? If so, have you heard anything or know when we will be notified of our interview and/or acceptance? Will this come via mail, email or telephone?

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    Moved to AL Nursing Programs Discussion forum for more response.
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    According to the application, decision letters for January 2012 were sent out via mail today (9/15). I'm anxiously awaiting as well....
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    I can't find anywhere that says Sept. 15
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    Their website did say that decisions letters would be mailed out on the 15th, but I called the school yesterday when i had not gotten one yet. They said that the applications were still before the board, no decisions had been made yet, and they did not know when they would be made. I hate that I'm going to have to wait longer to know, but at least now I won't be anxiously running to the mailbox every evening.
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    I hope we hear back soon. I still have to find a place to live, find a roomate and establish in-state residency before their Dec. 1 deadline.
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    I called last week and was told that we would be contacted 6 to 8 weeks after the sometime in October.
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    They sent out an email today about letters being mailed on or before September 30th. Did everybody get it?
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    alr2011 are you applying to the accelerate nursing program? I did not receive an email. Thank you.
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    I did not get an email either. The wait is killing me!

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