UAB Nurse Practitioner Program

  1. Does anyone have any knowledge about the NP programs at UAB??? I've been looking at their website, but I wanted to hear some info from someone who's currently a student there or knows someone who is. Just wondering how manageable the program is with working full time.....need some guidance and advice. thinking about women's health nurse practicioner.

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  3. by   CardioTrans
    I have applied for their FNP program. I have sent everything in and hopefully will be hearing from them for their interview deadline of Mar 25th. (keeping fingers crossed).

    When I contacted them about info for the program, they sent me a packet of information which included many of their programs along with their " UAB is ranked 15th in the country of nursing schools and the MSN program has been ranked in the top 5% in the nation." So Im expecting that it will be relatively competitive. I take my MAT tomorrow, but for some reason cant concentrate on any of it..... the more I study, the less sense it makes!
  4. by   KK7724
    What nursing experience do you have?? I wanted to try and enter the program immediately....I graduate this May with my BSN.....I think the Women's Health NP program is 16 months long and I believe it says you can earn the one year required experience during your this true??

    Good luck with the MAT!

  5. by   CardioTrans
    I have been an RN for 6 yrs and was an LPN for 5 yrs prior to that. All of my experience has either been in home care and ICU. I dont know about the one yr of experience.... They evaluated my transcripts and I have everything that I need, so I honestly dont know. The FNP program she did tell me that the majority of the ones who had applied wouldnt have their 1 yr until right at the beginning of the summer term which is when I will hopefully be starting. She told me to go ahead and line up a preceptor for the fall.... all of the clinicals begin in the fall, which luckily, doing home care, I am in contact with one on a daily basis and she told me that she would precept me. I just hope that is something promising.
  6. by   CardioTrans
    I have an interview next week!

    By the way, I checked on the website about the 1 yr requirement...... they all say that you can be working on your 1 yr requirement while taking your pre-reqs. Good luck!