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TUM- Fall 2012 ADN Program

  1. 0 Hi! Is anyone applying for 2012 fall in here? I have pre-app jitters and I know it's so far away! I'm hoping this semester will keep me busy and that time will fly by! It's also nice that I will be getting all of my pre-reqs done in the meantime. I'm very excited and nervous. It seems like it is going to take forever to get here.. and then there is that dreaded month long wait! If I don't get accepted this time then I will really be discouraged. I have worked my butt off for this! This time, I know I have enough credit hours and I should be good to go- but I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch! LOL. Deadline is May 30th!!
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    I am in the same position! I have worked so hard doing everything in my ability to get accepted. (Our school bases acceptance on a point system, those with the highest points, get in.) I feel ridiculous being so nervous so early because the application deadline isn't until May 15th. I likewise hope this semester flies by, I can't imagaine feeling this way for another 5 months! I hope the very best for you and if you need to talk some jitters out, I'll be here.
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    I have applied for the Fall as well...I have a bachelor's degree already and wanted to complete some pre-reqs (for the RN to BSN mobility hopefully) at AUM. I am praying that I get in for the fall semester but I have heard that there is a waiting list so I am super scared! I would be applying for the nursing sequence which only takes 50-60 per semester I have heard. I also wanted to apply for the nursing scholarships but the deadlines pre-date the acceptance letters (sigh). I am just hoping that I get in at this point.

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