Study group to review math calculations???

  1. Anyone interested in meeting at Jeff State/Carson to review math calculations? Anyone strong in math please be the instructor!! I'm sure there's a lot of us out there that could use the help before class starts.

    Please respond ASAP.

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  3. by   swtpea48
    Hey I saw your post and wanted to let you know about a fantastic book I found at It's called Dosage Calculations made incredibly easy. I got this book a few weeks ago and started reviewing basic calculations with it. Good Luck!!
  4. by   ssbrooke21
    I have been working on the packet that was sent to our email and I have been having trouble!! does the Dosage Calculations Made Incredibly Easy a little easier to understand than Calculating with Confidence book that we are working out of?
  5. by   ssbrooke21
    hey rawoysteraddict, I would love to get together and study! I am having some trouble and I am sure that two heads are better than one. I am starting the full time at jeff state campus. let me know if you would like to study. :wink2:
  6. by   swtpea48
    It does make it easier. It explains everything and makes it much easier to understand.
  7. by   rawoysteraddict
    Anyone that wants to meet, please email me at

    Thanks, Billy
  8. by   almostfearless
    I'm jumping on that bandwagon!
  9. by   ssbrooke21
    are yall for the fall full time program? Are yall having as much trouble as I am with the work packet?
  10. by   vicg1974
    Was packet sent to only full-time? I'm doing part-time program and didn't get a packet via email.

    I will check out that book on Amazon too!
  11. by   rawoysteraddict
    Still looking for 2 more students to meet at Jeff State/Carson or mutually convenient location.