1. Hi!

    I will be moving back to Birmingham next year and I was wanting to get some info on the RNICU at UAB. I have 5 yrs exp. in a Level III NICU and I also received my RNC certification last year. My list of questions are:

    -What is the unit like overall?
    -Are there RTs based in the unit?
    -What is the scheduling like? i.e. self-schedule or set schedule
    -What are the educational opportunities available?
    -What is the pt:nurse ratio?
    -What would my base pay rate be? I currently earn 22.50/hr at EAMC and 25.00/hr PRN in Columbus. I don't really want to settle on any less than 25
    -Is parking really a probelm?
    -Does UAB pay you for having a certification?

    I know there a lot of questions but I would really like to work there. Thank you.
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  3. by   Aimee03
    You may have already found these answers by now, but...
    1. The unit is divided into A,B,C. A is more premies, B is cardiac, C is contact precautions.
    2. Yes RTs are based on the unit. (Remember to say NOW if you need them stat, else it may be 30 mins. later)
    3.Scheduling is changing from set to self. You can have a pattern if wanted
    4. not sure
    5. 1:1-3
    6. As a new grad it is 19.85 w/ 15% evening diff. & 20% night diff.
    7. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It cost $50 to park per month. Unless you have been there a while or work nights, you will park 5-10 blocks away. IT SUCKS!
    8. I don't know
  4. by   katehnur
    Thank you for responding. Do you currently work there? I have not contacted anyone at UAB yet, because I am not planning on moving until the summer. I am glad to find out they will be moving to self scheduling. That is what I am used to and works out great.
    Do you have to park in the street or is it in a deck? I knew parking would be an issue.
    Thanks for answering my questions. I probably will have many more.
  5. by   Aimee03
    Your welcome. I work at UAB in Womens and Infant services. NOT in RNI. I did rotate through there (not MY thing). Parking is in a deck. You can park on the streets but during the day it is 2 hour max.
  6. by   katehnur
    Do you like working for UAB? I graduated from there in 2001 and moved down to Auburn right after graduation. I would like to work there because of the retirement and the fact that UAB is more research based than where I am at now. What area to do you work in? Is true that they are building a Women's and Infant's hospital? I know I have alot of questions I just want to be able to make a good job move when we move back to BHAM. I am also looking at STV and Childrens.
  7. by   dfarr
    Yes, they're building a women's & infants facility right next to University Hospital.

    Parking at UAB is a pain. When I worked at UAB I rode the shuttle from a lot which is like 2 miles from the hospital. That cost like $15/month or so.

    I had some friends who went through RNI during school and they liked it.

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