Question for Calhoun Nursing Students

  1. quick question...

    I'm graduating this May. Would it be pointless for me to apply for the Fall 2009 semester?? I don't know the odds of a freshly out of high school person getting accepted to a nursing school.

    i've talked with a few people who are either in the program, or have graduated already. they have told me that I should be fine.

    My ACT score is not terrific, but the english and math scores are okay. I've already taken History 201 and 202 & Chemistry 111 and 112 classes at Calhoun through my high school already and I am now working on English 101 & 102.

    I have spoken with the Dean of Health at Calhoun before and he informed me that basically the Chemistry and History classes won't help me any. However, the english will...

    anyway.. I just really want to know if there is a chance that an 18 year old could be accepted. and what all i need to be working on this summer.

    thank you...and i guess that really wasn't a quick question.
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  3. by   Tessaprn
    Go for it! Your History classes will be needed if you continue toward a BSN.
  4. by   beach_bride514
    thank you for the encouragement tessa!! so are you in the nursing program now??

    and yes, i'm planning to possibly go back later for BSN
  5. by   Tessaprn
    I graduated Calhoun 1990 and UAH 1998 I'm a cardiac nurse in CCU. I was 32 when I graduated from Nursing School. I went the way of family first then when they were in school I went back. Just a little tidbit. My husband retired Army 1993 and then graduated UAH with his RN,BSN 1996, he works CCU. My oldest daughter graduated Calhoun 1998 ADN, she works NICU. My oldest son graduated UAH RN,BSN 1999, started out in NeoICU then to CCU for adult critical care for CRNA school and then graduate UT Chattanooga 2004 and recieved his CRNA, now works in OR. Must include the other 2. Youngest daughter graduated Huntsville Hospital School of Radiology Technology (it has a longer name) in 2000 and youngest son graduated same school 2002. They have a Registered Radiologist Technologist (RT) license. They specialize in CT. Must not forget my niece she works Peds and graduated about 2002.
    At this time I am retired early and loving it.
    Nursing has its good and its bad but I do not regret the profession, I would do it all over with a few changes.
    You go ahead and don't wait and I wish you all the luck and good thoughts for your success.
  6. by   beach_bride514
    wow! That's pretty impressive!!!

    As of right now, I am planning to go ahead and take the chance. I still think that I'm going to go ahead and get the Math 116 and Bio 201 out of the way this summer.

    I want to wait and see how some relationship stuff works out before I go back for my BSN. I want to work a while just with my ADN.

    ....but first I have to get accepted!! hah, thank you so much for the encouragement and best wishes! I'll keep you updated!
  7. by   Nurseandwife
    I am in the program right now and the best advice I can give you is get your A&P and if you can your Micro out of the way before you start the program. You can do it all together I know lots of girls who are doing it but all I have are my nursing classes (no prerecs) and I am so thankful. Taking all that stuff first was the best thing I ever did!!!
  8. by   beach_bride514
    Thank you for the reply!

    What semester are you in??

    I've decided to go ahead and apply. If I don't get in this year then I'll take it as a blessing and know that maybe I'm not ready to handle it all at once. I know it will be stressful and tough, but I want this more than anything!!

    Which classes are Microbiology and A&P? I'm only familiar with the BIO 201 202 etc.

    This summer I will be taking Bio 201 and Math 112...Wish me luck!!
  9. by   Nurseandwife
    I am in the second semester. A&P1 is Bio 201 but I'm not sure what # Micro is? Just getting your first A&P and the math out of the way will do you wonders!! That's a great start!!
    I wish you the best of luck!! and let me know if you get in
  10. by   beach_bride514
    Thank you so much!!!

    do you remember what the point cut off was for the year you were accepted?? and how many points did you have?
  11. by   Nurseandwife
    I think it will just depend on the number of applicants that apply. I had all but 3 points but I know people who didn't have that many who got in, just try for as many as you can and if you have to wait a year that's ok to! It will just make it easier on you.
  12. by   beach_bride514
    ohh, that's the part that's driving me insane..
  13. by   readyforsuccess99
    You can apply for sure! In my opinion, this is going to have to be a PERSONAL DECISION...You CAN DO IT, but I will say that I personally wouldn't have wanted to take Micro or any classes other than Nursing classes during nursing school--but that's just me. You sound like you could handle it; you are a very smart individual. You just have to decide if you want to take on that kind of load. Good luck on everything!!!!
  14. by   beach_bride514
    Thank you so much for the kindness!

    Are you currently in the program??