1. Hi everyone!!
    I was wondering if anyone knows how long it takes to become a certified phlebotomist? I have always wanted to be the one to walk around and draw blood and start IV's !! I know, it provably sounds kinda crazy but it's true!! any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  3. by   Daytonite
    i cannot tell you about certified phlebotomy programs. in most hospitals where i have worked this was generally an on the job training kind of thing. to become a phlebotomist, call around to the local hospitals where you live and find out how to accomplish this in your area.

    however, i can tell you a great deal about iv therapy, as i was a certified rn, intravenous (crni). to start an iv you must be an rn in most states in the u.s. although some states have amended their state nursing laws to allow lpns/lvns to also do this with some restrictions. emts and paramedics may also start ivs on the job, but are trained to do this. in both the case of rns or lpn/lvns you need a nursing license first before you are allowed to puncture and insert an intravenous device in any patient's vein. iv therapy is generally something that most hospital nurses are expected to learn how to do as part of their general skills. however, there is also a group of nurses who feel this is a specialty (infusion nurses society) and they offer a national certification in it. to become certified you must be an rn, have worked at least 2,000 hours performing iv therapy and take and pass a test that covers the principals and standards of iv therapy. as an iv therapist i was trained to not only start peripheral ivs, but to insert picc lines, declott central iv catheters and repair damaged hickman and triple lumen central lines. we drew blood as a courtesy to the lab and so the patients we were working on wouldn't have to sustain a second stick by the phlebotomists.

    first, go to nursing school and get a nursing license. then, go into the specialty of iv therapy.
  4. by   Jedi of Zen
    I work at Huntsville Hospital, and my understanding is that once you are hired as a phlebotomy tech, you have go through an on-the-job training class. I'm not sure how long it lasts. The class is only open to people who are already employees & whose job description already includes blood-drawing responsibilites (My understanding is that basically that's limited to the phlebotomy techs themselves and RNs, though I would imagine most nurses already learn how to draw blood in school.) If my memory serves me correctly, Calhoun Community College offered a phlebotomy certification program last summer - or it may have been pharmacy tech; I honestly cannot recall. But it lasted a few months and was fairly expensive.
  5. by   nikkiekck
    :heartbeat Hello i am new here. I too am going to take a phlebotomy course i am sure about all the courses are about the same length. I will be going monday 5-9 and labs thursday 5-9 the course is 11 weeks long and cost is 1,030. I have a friend who does it and loves it. my self my daughter has done labs most of her life due to her kidney failure.Taking this course is kinda personal and giving back to those who helped her and to help others in her situation. she is a year and half no rejections. Labs were always hard for her since has small veins and her being scared untill we met our friend liz she is so sweet and made me and family feel no fear. I am very excited to start helping those who need me. God bless them all!!!