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Ok, post your points, any rumors you have heard (and who you heard them from), and prayers :) Why Wallace and Jeff in the same thread??? Because I applied to both of them :P and I bet alot of you did too. OK, Product:... Read More

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    Sorry, it took me so long to respond! Consumed in the books! LOL! As far as Wallace goes, this is my first semester and I love it here. The teachers are understanding and will work with you if needed. They have tutoring to help with classes. Most of the students have different study sessions anyway to help out when you are going to have an test. At first I was very overwhelmed by the three classes as I am taking it full time. There is a lot of reading and CRITICAL THINKING!!! There was one class where the teacher was kinda boring and you basically had to teach yourself but her test come straight from the book, so if you read you will be fine. I do carpool with someone who I have been friends with for sometime. I live in the Pinson. There are always people looking to carpool with other people. I know we have someone who commutes from Kentucky and Atlanta to Wallace. I did attend Jefferson State for my prerequisites and did not do that well. I wish I would have switched schools sooner than I did. Not bad mouthing Jeff State but I didn't even waste my time applying. There are several girls that go to Wallace now who came there from Jeff State because they had a hard time. Now don't get me wrong, all nursing schools are hard but some can be just ridiculous. At this time Wallace and Bevill have the highest pass rates on the NCLEX test in this area at the community colleges. That is what you really need to be concerned with because you can go through the program all you want and if you can't pass that test, then it was for nothing. Nurse Cece you made a great choice and I hope to see you at Wallace one day. Maybe I can help you with some of your classes!
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