Lawson State/Jeff State Fall 2011 Hopefuls?

  1. Hi! I'm applying to Lawson and Jeff State for this fall. While I'd rather go to Jeff State, Lawson State is very close and is the only one with full time night classes for nursing. I'm applying to both though, just in case. I'm getting a little irritated with Lawson, and they also just added the HPS103 course as a pre-req...and didn't give any information about it. You'd think they would put some info. about the changes they made on their website or balckboard. Also, they are taking their time about offering the TEAS V on campus. I hate that I have to drive to tuscaloosa. I went to the nursing office today at 3:30 and everybody had already went home. A girl in my class said that there wasn't anyone there when she went earlier that morning. I hope this isn't a glimpse of how they run their nursing program. Emailing them is kinda pointless, the answers are short and vague. Any other hopefuls?
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  3. by   Sunshine277
    Hi! I'm also thinking about applying to Lawson State also. I’ve talked to the Dean of the ADN program this past November about applying for the summer and the fall. She only mentioned the dates and said a little bit about TEAS but didn't provide a lot of information about it. So last month I sent in my application for the summer and now I just found out that they're not going to have a summer semester according to the summer semester schedule. I also saw that HPS 103 class on there and was wondering what that class is for. It seem like they just leave the student in the dark and not give them any clear answers. I'm also thinking about going to Virginia College for their nursing program since it's only night classes. Hopefully Lawson State will let us know something soon before it get close to the fall semester.
  4. by   CNA2bRN13
    I'm going to try and go up there early today and find something out. I know it's a required course for the nursing program. They want the TEAS, but they don't offer it on campus. The way they told me, they said you have to take the TEAS after you get accepted into the prgram tentatively. If your score isn't what they want, you're back out. Most people I know are going to take it elsewhere and send the grades in to LSCC. That way if the grade isn't good, they can wait 6 weeks and take it again. They are super secretive about everything, I agree. When I get some answers, I'll let you know. I didn't know Virginia college was all afternoon classes...I'll look into them too.
  5. by   Sunshine277
    WOW! I didn't even know that they would kick you back out just because the scores from the test weren't good enough. Yeah I didn't know that Virginia College had that neither until I went up there this past Monday and one of the admission counselor told me that their students in the nursing program take nursing classes from Monday-Thursday at 5:30pm-9pm.
  6. by   CNA2bRN13
    I talked to the Dean today, and she said that you have to fill out the regular nursing application, and then they will let you know if you can take the course based on your app. Then, you take the TEASV halfway through that course (I guess at Lawson). Based on your TEASV, your grade in the HPS103 course, and your pre-req grades, they will then contact you if you can go on to the nursing program. Whew. I'm still going to take my TEAS V at Shelton May 5th, because I don't want to get a bad grade and then not be able to get in. This way, if it's bad, I can wait 6 weeks and try again. I'll have to go to Virginia college and talk to someone, because they require some courses that the other programs don't, so I don't have them. (Like sociology). Good luck! Maybe some more people will find this thread lol. I've never been successful at finding Lawson people here.
  7. by   Sunshine277
    Oh okay. Thanks! Hopefully some more Lawson people will find this so they won't be left in the dark like we were. Good luck to you as well!
  8. by   Cvrgul
    All I can say is ... RUN! Lawson's program is so pitiful! I started there & transferred. The staff is so unprofessional! You do NOT get your $$ worth of education out of them. I would advise all of you to apply to other schools!
  9. by   LSCC
    You must have missed the information posted on our website. Lawson State has a FAQ (frequently asked questions) posting on its website that is quite extensive and talks directly about the HPS103 course. Also, you can always email if you have further questions.
  10. by   LSCC
    Hmmm....I don't think that the numerous nurses that have graduated from this program would agree with you or the hospitals that hire them. The program provides one-on-one free tutoring, simulation labs, on site counseling for students, a NCLEX boot camp and more. In addition, our students are successful and practicing nurses.
  11. by   CNA2bRN13
    LSCC: No disrespect meant, but my post was from March 23rd, the FAQ section on the LSCC website wasn't revised until April 19th, according to the time stamp on the LSCC page. The nursing email wasn't established until I had already applied elsewhere (I've finished my first semester now lol.) I'm sure it will clear up alot of questions for future students though. I never said anything about the quality of the education, as I never attended NS there to know. At the time there were many confused students about the new application process, and it was very frustrating...but I'm glad for the benefit of other students that there is a help email and FAQ section now. Happy New Year everyone!

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