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    The April CPR classes at the Hoover Fire Department are now available for registration. The fee is $15 for non-Hoover residents. The classes are on April 6 or April 13 and begin at 9am.

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    Quote from humblyMe
    If we go to different facilities to get our vaccines done. We will have to do separate medical forms for each one we visit right?
    I'm not sure, but I only used 1 form. I just had each person initial beside the shot/titer they provided and had the last person sign at the bottom.
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    Hey guys, I'm in the nursing program at Jeff State. MAKE SURE whenever you sign up for a CPR class that it is a class for health care providers and that it is through American Heart Assoc. they will NOT accept CPR from the Red Cross.
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    Aheart, I am at the Shelby campus. I use that book all the time! It has great test and gives the rationales which is EXTREMELY helpful! Good luck
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    Does anyone know how long orientation is suppose to last tomorrow?
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    Has anyone received their uniforms yet. Mine came in today. They run big of course! Cherokee brand. I have to send my top back. So I'm going to just order another top in a smaller size. I'm scared it might not be here before clincials. And then that way I'll either have two tops and can send one back.

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