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Hello All!!!!!!!! I am starting this thread for every student that plans on applying to the nursing program at Jefferson State's Shelby or Jefferson campus or students that are already in the program; so that hopeful students... Read More

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    Quote from jle922
    I still need to take micro as well. I'm accepting my spot this summer and only taking nursing courses and take micro later on when I feel comfortable with nursing. Psychology is a breeze online. I am in psy200 now and I'm not even worried about it. It is harder to get accepted in the fall but with 197 I wouldn't b that worried. The cut off is never that high.

    That's good to know! Who is best to take for micro?

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    There is only one professor for micro at the jefferson campus. So easy or not, I have no choice.
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    It's (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME: PLEASE DO NOT PER TOS PLACE NAMES OF THOSE IN YOUR PROGRAM) at the Jefferson Campus. She is a great micro teacher. Very understanding and funny. She's well known for helping students understand micro.
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    I got accepted to the Jefferson campus this friday via email. Im so excited!
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    they say the third times a took me 3 times as well,but I never gave up.Nursing is my passion.In October I retook my TEAS Test and scored well, reapplied and now Im accepted and on the road to an awesome job. Looking forward to meeting some of you!
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    Do y'all think that if I don't accept my spot for summer, that it will damage my chances of being accepted for fall even though my points will be good enough?
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    Our story is similar ericarn205! I kept taking the Teas until I scored a decent score also. and ark1992 I don't think that would damage your spot but it will be more competitive for the fall class. That's usually when everybody try to get in but you said you had 197 points right? That's pretty high so I think you still have a decent chance of getting in for the fall also.
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    Ark idk if giving up your spot is a good idea. A lot of ppl apply for the fall.
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    Does anyone know If we can take extra nursing classes if we already have the non nursing courses done?
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    Diamalik - The Jefferson campus advisor told me that we could not. She said the classes had to be taken in the order they are listed and in the semester they are listed.

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