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  1. Does anyone know the difficulty of getting into the nursing program at Jefferson Davis Community College in Alabama? I'm getting ready to take the TEAS tomorrow and am really nervous about it. I'm currently taking A&P 1 and 11(fast track). I know acceptance is based on a point system. I guess my question is, how many people actually don't get in? Also, is anyone in any nursing program near Pensacola? I'm just exploring my options.
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  3. by   prenursingSSCC10
    The advisor at Jeff State told me they usually take in (I think) 60-70 for the Shelby/Hoover capus as well as the Birmingham campus and maybe the Clanton one. Only 30 or 40 for the Pell City capmus. I might be wrong about the 30-40 people that might be for the Clanton one. Good luck on your AP I & II. I took AP over the summer and received an A.
  4. by   prenursingSSCC10
    Sorry I thought you said Jefferson State. Where is Jefferson Davis?
  5. by   Devonb09
    I just got in as well! I am super excited I will be starting with NUR 102. Anyone else heard back or know they are starting this year?
  6. by   Devonb09
    Oh and sorry but I had already took my teas at uwf and got a 73% was my best score. Took 3 times to get it!! X0 I also already had my prerequisites done and already had an AA. I also work at Sacred in Pcola as a HUC/PCT, so I think that improved my chances as well.
  7. by   doublehighcman
    Hey Devon. I was wondering how things are working out for you, being that you live and work in Pensacola. Have you had any challenges pertaining to scheduling and class time?

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