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Hi everyone!! I currently attend Jeff State Shelby Campus. I am applying for the Spring this fall. I am so excited! I have taken the teas once but did not get the store I wanted so I am currently... Read More

  1. by   omnomcookies
    Hi everyone! How is everyone holding up in nursing school? I am applying for Spring 2015, and I'd love any advice or comment you guys have! Thanks!
  2. by   cwr923
    I would suggest trying to learn all of your dose calc conversions and practice dose calc before classes even start. You can find all kinds of free resources, just do a search. Freshen up on your anatomy, and medical terminology if you can. Those are just things that won't be going away and if you already have a grip on them you will be ahead of the game. Also if you aren't an organized person - work on it now. They are going to throw a lot at you and you need to be on top of it. I just remember 1st semester being a crazy calendar. Well, I'm in 3rd semester and the calendar is STILL crazy - ha I guess it doesn't go away. ; ) Go in with a great attitude, be prepared to handle whatever comes your way. A bad attitude won't get you through. We lost half of our class in 1st semester. Very sad, but I guess it's just part of it. You got this! Good luck!
  3. by   omnomcookies
    Wow, thanks! I'll definitely get on the calculations. I also love your positivity! What are the main reasons for losing so many students in the first semester though? Is it Fundamentals? Because I've heard that class is difficult. Also, how are clinicals? Do you get to pick the hospital and units to go to?
  4. by   cwr923
    Really a variety of reasons I guess. There are several validations, 3 strikes you're out. Dose calc is one of them. Low grades that couldn't be pulled up by the withdraw date, some just decided it wasn't for them. We have a much smaller class at Pell City so when we lose some it's a big loss. There are a variety of clinical places we go to for different things. They assign us, we don't get to choose.
  5. by   omnomcookies
    Can y'all shed some light on what the difference between the Jefferson and Shelby campus are? I've been hearing horrible things about the Shelby campus, and that was my first option, so anything helps. Thanks.