Jeff State Spring 2013 Hopefuls - page 2

October 8th 4:30 P.M. Is the deadline but I went ahead and turned my application in yesterday. I'm applying with 210 points to the Shelby campus. Good luck to everyone :o... Read More

  1. by   BSwasBS
    That's the RIGHT attitude!!!!! Good Luck!!
  2. by   DannieGirl
    Does anybody know what the points cutoff usually is? I've applied with 160 points and I'm hoping I make it in for Spring. When do you think they'll start letting us know?
  3. by   prenursingSSCC10
    I talked to advisor if I am not mistaken it was around 170 I applied with 160 too. But I applied at other schools that had different point systems. && If I don't get in any of them, I am going to apply to Jeff State for the Summer, I will then have 181 since I have an A in math!!!! BUT KEEP YOUR HOPES HIGH! EVERY YEAR IS DIFFERENT!
  4. by   BSwasBS
    Danniegirl, I agree with prenursingSSCC10!! I pretty much have heard the same thing. The advisor said (around) 180 was the points cutoff during the orientation session that I went to. I also went back and read over some posts from the JSCC Fall '12 class and the Spring '12 classes on this site and the results that different students reported seemed to vary by campus and whether or not they were applying for the day program/night&weekend program. Some classes did really good jobs of keeping each other posted and they provided ALOT of information that you typically might not get until you actually get in. For example, I used some information to help me figure out which CPR class to take. Its only $20 at Hoover FD so I don't feel bad if I don't get in this time (ALTHOUGH I'm staying REALLY positive). Anywhoo....I'll just keep twiddling my thumbs and waiting on an email or call (or both). Keep in touch.
    Good Luck!!!!!!!
  5. by   BSwasBS
    Oh they said we should start hearing something back around the first of November. But not so sure about that.
  6. by   prenursingSSCC10
    I was told 4-6 weeks time goes by so slow! Anyone taking micro right now?
  7. by   eacummings89
    Longest 4 weeks of my life!
  8. by   prenursingSSCC10
    I agree eacummings89
  9. by   prenursingSSCC10
    Did anyone put the Shelby/Hoover campus their first choice?
  10. by   eacummings89
    I did!
  11. by   prenursingSSCC10
    How many points did you apply with if you don't mind me asking
  12. by   prenursingSSCC10
    Nevermind I seen where you posted earlier! I am sure you will get in with no problem!!!!
  13. by   Affsana
    I got my acceptance call this morning!