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October 8th 4:30 P.M. Is the deadline but I went ahead and turned my application in yesterday. Iím applying with 210 points to the Shelby campus. Good luck to everyone :o... Read More

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    I had 166 I know its low but I also heard they don't have many apply in the summer and the cutoff is lower the people i've talked to all have around 170's and 160's or a little lower. I was told they would take highschool grades from Biology, algebra and chemistry. How can you tell if it's changed on the pipeline.

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    Go to access you online services to the right, then click student, then student records & then click i think like view student info??& then itll have summer picked then check to see what it says as major & yes i heard same thing!! Heard we should know before end of feb as well!!
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    It says Nursing by my major i'm not sure if it always said that. I'm hoping for a call somtime next week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Mine said pre rn before, but now says as nursing!! So maybe we both got in! Where r u from?
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    Hoover how about you?
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    Gadsden! But gadsden states dont start till fall id like to start earlier if possible.. was hoping to do the hybrid route as well wish i had info about it from someone that has done it that way
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    I hear nights and weekend are awesome at Shelby but 1st semester at the Shelby day program sucks. Over half my class is failing Fundamentals and there have been no A's on any Fundamentals tests. To say it's stressful is an understatement. Supposedly the final is easy but I'll believe it when I see it. 75% and above is what's passing and right now I have a 72%. Only 5 weeks to go our I'd probably give up. Oh the calculations test for clinicals is easy but some of the calculations tests for pharm are rather difficult. Health Assessment is 99% self-study. We are told to watch videos, see a 30-40 minute demonstration and then practice on our own. This has been nothing like I thought it would be. I'd love to hear how 1st semester is at the Jefferson campus.
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    This semester is almost over & without a doubt I know I'll be going on to 2nd semester. It has been VERY hard but I have studied my @ss off and have a B in Fund and an A in Health Assessment & Pharm Does anyone know about 2nd semester? How many days a week will we have clinicals and where? I'm so excited
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    Would any of you recommend taking Algebra again if I got a C in it? I plan on applying next Summer.
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    Quote from bamaal
    Would any of you recommend taking Algebra again if I got a C in it? I plan on applying next Summer.
    Yes. Retake your math class. It is worth a lot of points in the scoring system and you get zero points for a C. I haven't talked to anyone in the program (I'm about to start 3rd semester) who got in with a C in math. Not trying to discourage you but trying to be realistic.

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