Jeff State: Jefferson campus vs Shelby campus RN program???? - page 2

Hello everyone, Just wondering from those in the program if anyone favors/sees any advantages to the program at one campus over the other. I am pretty centrally located between the two and could... Read More

  1. by   nurseaid07
    Didnt get in for fall she tiffany told me I wouldnt have a chance my pts are 164pts she said I should re-take a&p1 and micro for A's and also retake the compass for a 99 i had compass test 84,math 116-C,A&P-B,A&P2-A-Mic-B. she said the cut off is usually around 187 and I'LL be 20pts short so I waited and applied for wallace spring which iam in and lawson's spring which i plan to turn down. When one door closes another one opens and he always seem to be making away for you to get to the top. good luck everybody who did get in where ever you got in and those who didnt its not the end of the world there is always next time with love and care nurseaid07.