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Hello everyone, Just wondering from those in the program if anyone favors/sees any advantages to the program at one campus over the other. I am pretty centrally located between the two and could easily get to either one.... Read More

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    I forgot to say that we even had one person leave the Jefferson campus and came over to Shelby in our 4th semester due to teachers at Jefferson.

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    Ok. I'm not going to be made into a Shelby campus vs Jefferson campus competition. Some people perfer Shelby while others perfer Jefferson. Each campus does have it's pro's and con's. Magnolia, I am just hoping to give you idea of the Jefferson campus and it's cirriculum. To be honest I won't really be able to give you an idea of what 4th semester will be like during your nursing career. I don't know what happened to the previous 4th semester teacher, but currently the 4th semester is in the process of getting "changed". Each of our lectures are taught by a different teacher this semester. Two of them have been taught by Shelby teachers, which were pretty good. I have no complaints about them. I also, don't have any complaints of the Jefferson teachers.

    Like I said before 1st semester is disorganized and chaotic. I don't know what it's like at Shelby, but I know at Jefferson once you get through 1st it does get better. In general though, I think 1st semester anywhere is chaotic on a new nursing student. You get thrown into a whole new world and you have to learn a whole new way of thinking. However, if you have the drive, determination, passion, and you are willing to study harder and smarter than you ever had before, you'll get through it. I hope my information has helped you in making a decision. Whether you choose Jefferson or Shelby, I wish you the best of luck in all of your endeavors.
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    If you can get in at Shelby...go there! I started at the Carson Rd. Campus this summer. It was VERY disorganized...let's just say I had a horrible experience! On the last calculations test we had to take, you had to make a 90% to pass...I made an 85%. I had to withdraw from 102 and 104, because if you don't pass that test you can't go to clinicals, and if you can't got to clinicals, you can't pass 102. I finished Health Assessment(103), with no problems. I loved that instructor...she was organized, on time, and did what she said she would do. She was from the Shelby campus.
    The Carson Rd. campus called me to go back for the fall because they had some openings, but I turned them down. We moved, and I am now about an hour away from there. With traffic in the morning, there was no way I was going to be able to make that commute. The Shelby campus is about 15 minutes from me.
    I applied to Shelby for the spring and I didn't get in (I have 184 points) I am probably going to take MTH 100 this spring and apply again for the fall. I would love to hear from anyone that has been accepted at the Shelby campus...if you got in, how many points did you have?
    Good Luck!!
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    Didnt get in for fall she tiffany told me I wouldnt have a chance my pts are 164pts she said I should re-take a&p1 and micro for A's and also retake the compass for a 99 i had compass test 84,math 116-C,A&P-B,A&P2-A-Mic-B. she said the cut off is usually around 187 and I'LL be 20pts short so I waited and applied for wallace spring which iam in and lawson's spring which i plan to turn down. When one door closes another one opens and he always seem to be making away for you to get to the top. good luck everybody who did get in where ever you got in and those who didnt its not the end of the world there is always next time with love and care nurseaid07.
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