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I noticed there were threads for the other semesters, so I thought I would get this one started. There's another week until the deadline, but I've finished everything I can do. Now it's just waiting.... Read More

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    Has anybody heard anything as of today?!!! Lord knows I hope I get a call
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    N2nursn I know you are on edge but hang in there !! How many points did you apply with? I haven't recieved my email yet about some stuff for orientation so I imagine she is still making acceptance calls so keep us informed!! I also wanted to make a post saying I think some of us that have been accepted should trade emails and get to know each other and maybe meet up for orientation so at least we will be a little more comfortable and already make friends for study groups lol !! Cause we all know we will need it lol
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    Hey thanks for responding. I applied with 204.5 pts. I thought that was good. Appears that the point range seem to be all over the place. I am just trying to remain hopeful though. Did they email acceptance through Jeff state or personal email accounts?
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    Bsitz, I am not sure what the original password was but they have some help buttons you can click on on the pipeline page like "forgot my password" or "forgot my username". Try and do one of those or I do think there is a number you can call for technical support. Hope that helps
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    N2nursn, I am not sure what email was used to notify some people I got a phone call for my acceptance. I am just waiting on her email for info on orientation. I have seen some people say they got accepted with like 190 and I was told the points determine acceptance sooooo hopefully thats good news for you
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    The kaesmith I tried that unfortunately didn't work but I wonder if they call by alphabet ? Bc I'm at the end! Lol thanks for the help tho! & congrats! I just wonder if they r still calling today!
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    Just got my e-mail. Check yours.
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    I am not sure how they are notifying people. My last name starts with W but I got a call Friday morning. I suppose the "acceptance files" could just be in random order. I know that there are different cut offs depending on the program to which one has applied. Nights and weekends have a higher cut off from what I have been told, but there has not been a big difference between the point cut off for the Jefferson and Shelby full time program historically. Also take into consideration that the program expanded to the Clanton and Pell City campuses, so that invariably means more people to call. Check your pipeline accounts, as that is a good indicator of status; though mine didn't show the change from "Pre-RN" to "RN" until yesterday morning-- so it's not infallible. Sending out good ju-ju to all still waiting!
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    i also got an email in my personal account regarding the orientation and background check.....does anyone know how much it will cost to do the background check?
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    @lovet:I believe it's $40.00 or so. I would have to check with my friend who is already in the program. That may be the cost of the drug test included...
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    I believe someone posted a few pages back about it being $29...I'm not sure but as soon as I get my email I am doing the background check so I can let you know if you haven't done it yet.
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    It is 29.00
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    I got the call and I'm in the fulltime program at the Jefferson campus. Super excited! I was freaking out when I saw that people were getting calls on FRIDAY! And I had to wait til Tuesday to hear. Eek!