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any Jeff State Fall 2011 hopefuls out there?? I am taking the TEAS V Wednesday, so then I will know how many points I have!!! :)... Read More

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    Thanks Busy and Tv!! I am sooooo ready to know if I'm in or not. I wish I knew of someone that was applying to the N/W program so I could have a study buddy if I get in!
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    Hello i applied for the part time program for Fall... I'm very excited and nervous. I saw that they extended the deadline so i hope it doesn't delay the acceptance letters...Good luck to everyone..
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    Hello teejazzy2! I know what you mean about being excited and nervous. I was told that we should hear something about 4-6 weeks after the deadline. I think that would put at the latest around the end of June. That seems like forever! Good luck to you and everyone else applying.
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    Great busymom35... Did you apply for the part time program or full time? If full time which program? Also, have you heard about the average score for the Teas test? i was curious about it because the chemistry on the Teas kicked my butt...
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    I applied for the full time program at the Shelby campus. I have not heard what the average score for the teas was. The science part was the hardest to me. I did fine on the other sections. I studied the teas study manual but for the science it was like I didn't study at all!
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    Hey, I applied with 204...I have all of the pre-reqs, and got straight A's, but I didn't do too great on the TEAS V. I got 103, which is 69%. I was kinda bummed about that. When I talked to the lady, she said don't worry too much about the TEAS, so maybe it's good enough. I really want in!! I applied at Shelby for the night and the day program (double the odds hopefully) Hopefully the wait won't be much longer! Good Luck everyone!
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    Great scores ladies... But I have to say, i don't understand why the Teas had chemistry on it when Chemistry is not a requirement for Jeff State nursing... When i emailed the lady at JS she informed me that most students were averaging mid to high 60%'s on the Teas... So i think you will be fine...
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    I too have applied at Jeff State Shelby and Chilton for the full time program...Wallace Selma got an app for me too. I came out of all 3 bios with B's with an A in Math 100 which is what Jeff State looks at (and the TEAS V of course). Wallace on the other hand only considers your bios and your TEAS. I had 187.7 for Jeff's point system and was told that that was well above the average score (70.7 on TEAS on my only attempt with no study guides). If I do not make it this time I'll try for Spring. I know for a fact that they let in someone with 149 points this past Spring but there is a smaller pool for that semester. You guys in the 190's and 200's should definitely make it in. Good luck to all and maybe we'll be seeing those letters soon.
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    Hey Sally1978 did you say you applied at Jeff State Chilton? I didn't realize they had a nursing program at their campus.. Is it new? How long has it been in place?
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    Clanton's program is to begin this Fall. It was not listed on Jeff's application but I was told to write it in to the side of the application as they haven't updated the apps yet. I have been told for the past several months that it is %99.9 a sure thing for Fall, knowing my luck though something will come up at the last minute and postpone it once again. I always tend to get stuck in that %.1. I live exactly 1 mile from the Clanton campus so it would be ideal for me.