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Jeff State 2011 Fall Hopefuls!

  1. 0 any Jeff State Fall 2011 hopefuls out there??
    I am taking the TEAS V Wednesday, so then I will know how many points I have!!!
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    Hello tvmoore5 I have applied for the fall nursing program at Jeff State. I made a 71.3 on the teas which equals around 106.5 points. I made all A's in biology and math 100. The science part of the teas was the hardest to me. When I turned in my application I was told we should be hearing something in about 4 to 6 weeks from the deadline. It will probably seem like a long wait!!!!!!!
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    Have you already taken Micro? I am taking in the summer! I also have all A's in my 2 anatomy's and an A in Math....hoping the TEAS doesn't keep me out of the fall!!! Good Luck! and yes you are right...the waiting will be LONG!!!!!!!
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    Yes I took micro last summer and made an A. I am actually finished with all my pre-reqs except for Psychology 210 and I am taking it online this summer. You will do fine on the teas. Like I said earlier the science was the hardest part to me. I did fine in the math, reading and English. good luck!!!!!
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    Hello tvmoore5 did you get to take your teas test? How did you do? I think it will take forever for the next few weeks to pass!!!!!!
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    yes! I took it today and bumped up my score to a all in all without micro I applied with a total of 198.5 points! The waiting will seem like eternity!!!! Good Luck!!! Let me know when you find out something definite!!
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    Hey that is a good score!!!!!!! I will let you know when I hear something.Good luck!!!!!!
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    Good luck guys!! I am also applying for the Fall semester at Jeff State Nights and Weekends. I submitted my application on May 10th and had 210.5 points. I am SO nervous and ready to know whether I'm in or not! The waiting is already killing me and I just turned it in a week ago! LOL!
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    Wow!!! your points are GREAT!!! bet you get in!!!
    Good Luck!!!
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    Hello Ready4Graduation! Good luck to you too!!!!!!! I see you applied for the night and weekend program. I applied for the day program at the Shelby campus If I figured right I applied with 207.5 points. I am really excited but nervous too!!!!! Can't wait to hear something.
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    Thanks Busy and Tv!! I am sooooo ready to know if I'm in or not. I wish I knew of someone that was applying to the N/W program so I could have a study buddy if I get in!
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    Hello i applied for the part time program for Fall... I'm very excited and nervous. I saw that they extended the deadline so i hope it doesn't delay the acceptance letters...Good luck to everyone..
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    Hello teejazzy2! I know what you mean about being excited and nervous. I was told that we should hear something about 4-6 weeks after the deadline. I think that would put at the latest around the end of June. That seems like forever! Good luck to you and everyone else applying.