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Jeff State 2011 Fall Hopefuls! - page 5

any Jeff State Fall 2011 hopefuls out there?? I am taking the TEAS V Wednesday, so then I will know how many points I have!!! :)... Read More

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    Just wanted to let everyone know that I received my acceptance letter from Wallace, Selma today. WOOT WOOT!
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    wow.. congrats to you Sally1978.... That's great news...
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    their deadline was June the 1st and you guys already know. that's great.. I'm convinced that JS is officially torturing us now. lol
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    Congratulations sally1978 on your acceptance to Wallace in Selma. Are you going to go there or Jeff State if you also get accepted there? I was accepted at Wallace in Hanceville but still waiting to hear from Jeff State.

    And to teejazzy2 you are so right I think we are being tortured lol!!!!!!!

    And the orientation should be in July because when I took micro last summer that is when they had it. Our micro teacher canceled class that day because so many had to go to orientation
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    ladies make sure you post when you hear something from Jeff state..
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    I will be sure and let all of ya'll know as soon as I hear something. I keep hoping that we will hear something soon. I think just knowing that the letters will be coming soon makes the waiting that much more nerve - racking lol. Good luck to everyone!!!!! :spin:
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    I sure hope it is soon too. I looked at the fall 2010 forum and it looks like they found out around July 8th of last year by phone call. I pray it doesn't take that long, I'm too impatient.
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    Hi lpr0711 I know what you mean. I keep checking the mailbox hoping maybe a letter will be there (even though I know that it is still too early) But I know they did make phone calls last year. I have told my family if I am not here to take a message and be sure to get a name and number!!!!!!
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    I'm going to Aurba July 9th for a week and told my husband if I haven't heard by then I am purchasing international minutes for sure! Lol I will have my phone by my side all week, and will have my neighbor checking the mail!
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    lol... your neighbor checking the mail.. lol. that's hilarious.. lol.
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    Thats funny.But I sure hope we know by then. I think I would be a basket case by that time lol.

    Does any one know if we have to use any particular brand of a stethoscope/ bp cuff? I have a friend that has a brand new set she will sale me and it has never been used. Her sister was going to go to nursing school and changed her mind. So I didn't know if it mattered what brand we have?
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    I don't think it matters! A friend told me that they
    told them at orientation to buy cheap ones...because
    they always come up missing or stolen!!
    and r ur nerves about as shot as mine...waiting???
    I think knowing that it will be any day driving me NUTS!!!
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    Yes tvmoore5 my nerves are shot over the waiting to hear from Jeff State. I will be so glad when we hear something. I did go ahead and buy the stethoscope/bp kit my friend had. It is brand new and she sold it to me for $20. I looked at some that look identical on line and I got a great deal. Lets hope that this coming week that we will hear something!!!!!