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any Jeff State Fall 2011 hopefuls out there?? I am taking the TEAS V Wednesday, so then I will know how many points I have!!! :)... Read More

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    Ok, I'm pretty sure that's the day.... Time is winding down...:spin:
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    Hey N/W people! This time next week we will be getting ready for our first day of class! I enjoyed my break, but I'm ready.
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    Yes ur right! I'm excited.
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    FYI: all the n/w students...a friend of mine in the day program told me u are suppose to check ur blackboard account before class and print the syllabus and one of the course documents for class tonight. im glad she let me know bc i woulnd't have even checked my blackboard account at all...i have never even used it at JS. Spread the word if you can.