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any Jeff State Fall 2011 hopefuls out there?? I am taking the TEAS V Wednesday, so then I will know how many points I have!!! :)... Read More

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    Great busymom35... Did you apply for the part time program or full time? If full time which program? Also, have you heard about the average score for the Teas test? i was curious about it because the chemistry on the Teas kicked my butt...
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    I applied for the full time program at the Shelby campus. I have not heard what the average score for the teas was. The science part was the hardest to me. I did fine on the other sections. I studied the teas study manual but for the science it was like I didn't study at all!
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    Hey, I applied with 204...I have all of the pre-reqs, and got straight A's, but I didn't do too great on the TEAS V. I got 103, which is 69%. I was kinda bummed about that. When I talked to the lady, she said don't worry too much about the TEAS, so maybe it's good enough. I really want in!! I applied at Shelby for the night and the day program (double the odds hopefully) Hopefully the wait won't be much longer! Good Luck everyone!
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    Great scores ladies... But I have to say, i don't understand why the Teas had chemistry on it when Chemistry is not a requirement for Jeff State nursing... When i emailed the lady at JS she informed me that most students were averaging mid to high 60%'s on the Teas... So i think you will be fine...
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    I too have applied at Jeff State Shelby and Chilton for the full time program...Wallace Selma got an app for me too. I came out of all 3 bios with B's with an A in Math 100 which is what Jeff State looks at (and the TEAS V of course). Wallace on the other hand only considers your bios and your TEAS. I had 187.7 for Jeff's point system and was told that that was well above the average score (70.7 on TEAS on my only attempt with no study guides). If I do not make it this time I'll try for Spring. I know for a fact that they let in someone with 149 points this past Spring but there is a smaller pool for that semester. You guys in the 190's and 200's should definitely make it in. Good luck to all and maybe we'll be seeing those letters soon.
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    Hey Sally1978 did you say you applied at Jeff State Chilton? I didn't realize they had a nursing program at their campus.. Is it new? How long has it been in place?
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    Clanton's program is to begin this Fall. It was not listed on Jeff's application but I was told to write it in to the side of the application as they haven't updated the apps yet. I have been told for the past several months that it is %99.9 a sure thing for Fall, knowing my luck though something will come up at the last minute and postpone it once again. I always tend to get stuck in that %.1. I live exactly 1 mile from the Clanton campus so it would be ideal for me.
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    There was chemistry on the TEAS V because those going for ADN and BSN take the same TEAS test...which is kind of ridiculous. They shouldn't assume that you have taken all of the pre-reqs for a Bachelor's. I think in time they will separate the two. I had almost no Anatomy or Microbio. questions on mine.
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    Wow i wish i would have known that. They didn't advertise the program at Clanton so i didn't know they had it.. I'm closer to it as well...
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    Bearsmom08 i only had a little Anatomy & Micro as well... Loads of Chemistry.. Other parts weren't bad but the only thing i enjoyed about the Teas was being able to see your score as soon as you're done and not having to wait forever for it...
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    That was nice finding out if we passed right then. On the chemistry stuff, I mostly guessed becuase I was sick (and didn't want to be there) and I knew I didn't know the chemistry material. I've been looking at past Jeff State threads, and I've seen people get into the Jefferson Campus for Summer with 180s. But, they said the Shelby Campus is stricter on their points and the fall program is more competitive. The people from fall last year didn't hear back until July 8th when THEY had to call the nursing people to ge tthem to check the list, and orientation was the next week! I hope we don't get a repeat of that, I'm not patient enough lol. I thought 204 was good until I saw people with 207 and 211 points...Stupid TEAS V.
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    Hello everyone! I was wondering does anyone know what immunizations are required for the RN program. I am going to call the health department and try and find out how much they will cost me but not sure what I have to get. ( I have no record of my immunizations from childhood but I did go to the health department some as a child, but I don't know how long they keep records) Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!!!!
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    From what I have seen the cut off has only been about a point lower between the jefferson and shelby campus and since its fall I bet the cut off will be the same