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  1. Hello all
    Do we have any members out there that have applied to JSU's nursing program for the fall semester? I've been trying not to write or discuss it, but the wait for the letters are killing me. I have prayed and continue to pray hard that I will be accepted.
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  3. by   momof2divas
    I have applied to another nursing program and the wait is literally making me sick. Keep praying and don't make yourself sick over it.( Like me) I will pray that you hear something soon. I feel like this is my first stress test....
  4. by   YGPHNM
    Yeah, I'll do the same. Thanks for posting, it kind of gives me some relieve when I can talk to someone about it. But I will add it is nerve racking.
  5. by   YGPHNM
    Any other people out there who have attended JSU or plan to attend? That could possibly offer me some advice.
  6. by   jsu2601m
    hey! i know waiting is so stressful. i am about to graduate from JSU's nursing program and i just wanted to let you know that even if you dont get in initially dont give up yet! My good friend that went into nursing school with me did not get in at first. but some people who do get accepted decide not to go for one reason or another and so they go down the list and accept more people into the program. my friend did get accepted as one of the next people on the list, she got her acceptance letter later than me but she did get in! so good luck and i hope everything works out!
  7. by   YGPHNM
    What was your gpa when you were accepted jsu2601m, if you don't mind me asking? Also, do you remember what your friend's gpa was during the time of application? I have a gpa of 3.29 and Mr. Hofland says I have a pretty good chance but he doesn't know definitely, you know? How long did it take the school of nursing to notify your friend of acceptance?
  8. by   jsu2601m
    i had about a 3.6 and hers around a 3.2 i think. it has been a while. she didnt find out until a few weeks before school started.
  9. by   YGPHNM
    Oh, ok...that's coo. Did you guys start in the fall semester? and are you able to remember about when y'all received letters? i know i'm asking a ton of questions but I'm just nervous
  10. by   jsu2601m
    yeah we were fall semester. and its ok i was sooo nervous when i was waiting for that letter! i know i got mine about the middle of the summer maybe june. and she got hers closer to august. sorry thats about the best i can remember nursing school kinda takes up alot of space in your brain and other stuff gets pushed out lol. oh and i also have heard that it is easier to get in in spring semester, but i dont know if that is true.
  11. by   YGPHNM
    yeah i've heard that it's a lot easier for the spring semester. i was however accepted to gadsden state's program too, so if by the start of school I haven't heard from jsu, i'm going to go ahead and take that seat. but because i have all my prereqs i thought it would be in my best interest to complete my bachelor's. also, mr. hofland said more than likely a gpa between 3.3 and 3.0 usually gets you a seat. he said he's had one semester where that wasn't enough. by the way, it feels good to talk to someone about this because i'm about to lose my mind. i've kind of prepared myself for not getting an acceptance letter when they first mail out but i'm praying that I can get someone else's seat who decides they don't want it.
  12. by   jsu2601m
    yea it can be very stressful. i hope you get in, and when you do it's only the beginning of the stress.lol. Good luck! it's all worth it in the end.