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Ok, so I was wandering through our lovely states forum, and I couldnt find an intro page.... So............... thought Id make one! I have been a nurse for almost 12 yrs, currently work in CCU in a Birmingham hospital. I... Read More

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    that was in Montgomery Al for grad of class of 1965 of St margarets hospital school of nursing,
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    my names is Heather. i recently got accepted to jeff state (jefferson campus). im engaged to my best friend! he will be going for a masters in teaching. i want to specialize in cardiology :heartbeat. i live in trussville. i moved here in 2007 from south florida. im very excited to talk with all of you! and i hope to learn a lot from this website!
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    Just found you! I have also been a nurse for 12 years...Med/surg, ER, ICU, and some hospice. I work at Andalusia Regional in south Alabama in a small ICU that is probably more like a MICU at your facility. I have 5 children...(2 Marines, 1 Airman, 1 in Law enforcement, 1 Nurse).
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    I am a brand new RN...and so proud to put those initials behind my name. I am 29 and the mother of 3 beautiful little girls (10yrs, 5yrs, and 2yrs old) who are just as proud of my accomplishment as I am. My husband's job has just moved us to the Huntsville, AL from South GA, and am looking for my first RN job (which is much harder than I anticipated). I used to work as a patient care tech in an ICU/IMCU/CCU unit and I loved it, but more than anything I just want to be a nurse. I haven't gotten a single response to any of my applications, so any helpful hints or contacts would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hi, Just thought I'd pick back up on this thread.
    My name is Brandy and I am about to start lpn school! I am a mom to three and I am finally able to pursue my nursing career!
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    I have a quick do you pay for lpn to rn school if your undergraduate loans are used up?
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    Hey all, my name is Chuck. I graduated from the Drake LPN college program on May 10, 2012. I just took my NCLEX boards exam less than 12 hours ago. Anxiously awaiting the results, if the Pearson trick is actually tru and can be trusted then I passed.

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