If you got into Wallace, please check in!! If you got into Wallace, please check in!! | allnurses

If you got into Wallace, please check in!!

  1. 0 Congrats to all! If anyone wants to meet before November 16th, let me know. We could meet for coffee somewhere convenient or PM me at http://allnurses.com/members/322350/

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    I got my letter today, I'm in !!!!!!
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    I called monday and I'am in. OMG ! Iam so happy I think I'm still shocked LOL. Does anybody want to carpool Im up for it lol. @ californiadreaming I would love to met up but I dont drink coffee maybe lunch ? Maybe we could form a study group?
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    Are you accepted into the generic rn program or lpn-rn mobility program? Where would you carpool from?
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    @2brn09 I got into the general RN-ADN program but Iam pt which I only have class on Wedenesday due to the fact the block I wanted filled up fast. I have no clue where to carpool I just know I want to it would be a lot easier on my tank lol. I will know for sure by January 8, 2009 or January 11, 2009. How everything is going to be so that I can carpool I'm not sure where my clinical are going to be. Which program are you in?
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    I just discovered this website, but I got accepted to the '10 Spring semester. Anyone going ft? Congrats to everyone who got in! Here's to a world wind experience . Good luck everyone!