I just got in to jefferson davis community college rn program fall '12

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    I wanted to no has anyone else got in or is anyone in the program i wanted to no what should i expect from first block,the books i need, just any helpful info i live in mobile so its like 45 min away any help would be appreciated....thanks

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    You should get all of that info during the orientation next Friday. That's all I'm hearing, LOL!
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    In my letter orientation is not till august 13 but i have to go register aug 9 do yours say different?
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    I'm sorry, I forgot there was a JD campus in Ala. I thought you were asking about the school in Gulfport, LOL!!
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    did you get your letter today? I am out of town and was wondering when to expect it?
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    I got it last monday the 9 the letter was dated the 6
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    Are you speaking about the campus in Alabama? I have no clue about letters there, but letters went out this week here in Mississippi.
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    yes, the Jeff Davis in Brewton (Atmore). My husband was at home until yesterday and I have not gotten a letter unless I got it yesterday or today because he was not there to check for me. Gosh, now I am worried. How many points did you have?
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    yes im talking about jd brewton,atmore i got my letter july 9 i dont no how many points i had i know that i finished all my prereq and i made a 68% on the teas test
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    Ahh, okay. Well hopefully I will be getting mine soon. I made a 70 on the TEAS and had two A's in Anatomy and a B in Microbiology but I did not attend the school for the extra 10 points and that was what I was worried about.

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