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I'd really appreciate any information on working in Huntsville. I'm an RN in California and my husband is considering a move to Redstone Arsenal Army Base. All I know is that it's not too far on Google Maps to Nashville, which... Read More

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    Quote from Tessaprn
    Deliverance land? Thank you very much for the insult!
    Not trying to insult anyone - I'm just giving an honest opinion, which is what the OP was asking for.

    I live out here in Meridianville - have for most of my life - and I've been spit on/pushed/threatened by so many good ol Bubba types...I guess the movie just rings true sometimes.

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    I live in Toney not very far from your location. I have never been pushed, spat at, and/or threatened by any bubba's or bubbettes. I thought the rural area was coming along nicely with the grocery stores, banks, and restaurants, day cares and need for larger schools in the area because of the many subdivisions being built. I stand corrected and I'll tell my sister who lives off Walker Ln to watch out for these deliverance type people. You forgot to mention that Nasa is also a huge employer in the area and there is Space Camp. :chuckle
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    Quote from cjojo
    Huntsville hospital is a 870+ bed hospital that is great place to work for, it is a nonprofit teaching hospital. I have worked in one of their many ICU's for 12 years, also Fox Army Hospital has some openings if you want to do the office thing, there is another local hospital but I would not recommend. You will love this area.
    I have 1 class left before I graduate in December with my ASN and my husband has already been relocated to the Huntsville area with his job. I am a little nervous about finding a job due to the economy. I have experience as a PCT in ICU and IMCU, and this is the area I really really want to work in. I know that finding a job has a lot to do with networking, but I don't know a soul in the Huntsville area. I can provide several letters of reference, but I was wondering if there was any way to do a preceptorship at HH even though I am not in school in that region. I know that a preceptorship at HH would better my chances of getting a job in the ICU or IMCU. I have already contacted the nurse recruiter about what to prepare for in the application process, and she made me feel like I was insane for calling 5 months before graduation. She told me to start applying in October. Can anyone help me with preceptorship information?


    Martha Mulligan
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    LOL deliverance true.

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