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Hey Ya'll, I've been a lurker to this board for a while and just decided to join.....what the heck! Anyway, I just wondered how many of you (like myself) are waiting on an acceptance letter from Calhoun. That is if one... Read More

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    VSBlonde - I heard from a current Calhoun nursing student that this year they are going to do a Spring class as well. I believe 2010 students are going to be required to take an entrance exam - I want to say it was the HESI.

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    I was accepted into the LPN program. I applied for all three, but was missing two of my biology classes, so I knew my chances for ADN was not good at all. I do not know what the cut off was for the LPN program, but for the ADN evening, the letter said it was 167; for the daytime it was 153. Hope that gives everyone some information.

    Good Luck to all & keep in touch :wink2:
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    Calhoun is admitting a spring class, but the program director told me they were taking the Spring class from the current applicant pool that they are pulling this Fall from. All the students are required to pass HESI along with their classes each semester.

    Laura_Ann- if you got a packet, you got in!! Quit stressing out!!

    The Alabama Secondary Education something or the other is changing the entrance requirements starting with the Fall 2010 entrance class. It's going to require a higher math than what's acceptable now and some other things.
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    yeah, i did...and thanks for the info everyone!
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    I wonder if they are going to have a part time evening class start next spring as well?
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    Congrats to everyone that got in!

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